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Siti Hardware Stranieri

AnandTech - your source hardware analysis and news - Hardware news e recensioni di alto livello sin dal 1997. Costantemente aggiornato e con un forum molto attivo è uno dei siti di "riferimento" per tutto l'HW.

Tom's Hardware Guide - The Internet's premier source for PC Hardware information. La bibbia dell'hardware fin dagli albori di Internet.

HOT Hardware - Only the Hottest PC Hardware tested and burned in. Vasto archivio di recensioni sull'hardware dal 1999. Sito molto attivo.

HarwareZone - Your One-Stop IT Hub. Recensioni sull'hardware PC e accessori. - a community of people dedicated to optimizing PC system performance. - PlanetHardware. Gaming's Homepage, and the doorway to the GameSpy Network.
Nuovo accasamento per il glorioso Planet Hardware, l'HW del PC con particolare attenzione per il Gamer.

Ace's Hardware - Technical Information for the Masters and the Novices.
Il sito tratta la Tecnologia dell'hardware del PC con articoli tecnici molto dettagliati. - is a clearinghouse of information on pushing your system's performance to the absolute limit. Sito per Overclockers.

HardwareCentral - HardwareCentral is the #1 Hardware Information Resource on the 'Net.
Featuring over 600 pages of Hardware information, including advice on System Optimization, Troubleshooting information, Feature articles, and Reviews General.

PCMechanic - PC Mechanic is the home for PC do-it-yourself'ers. Tutorials, reviews, and a large tech forum to answer your questions.

Hardware Book - Hardware Book. Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions.

Tweak Town - :: computer hardware, system and software tweaking done right down under!

Virtual Zone - Providing the latest PC news and technical reviews for IT professionals and hardware ethusiasts. Analysis of the future technology and specialise in Overclocking.

Ars Tecnica - Ars Technica. Power users and the tools they love, without computing religion.

Sharky Extreme - Reporting on the latest hardware and software tecnology for the PC entusiast.

AMDZone - The real #1 Source for Hammer, Athlon, Duron, K6, news, reviews and information

The Inquirer - News, reviews, facts and friction. Resistance is futile when electrons are excited

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