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AmigaAMP: Nuova versione free del famoso MP3 Player AMiGA

AmigaAMP 3.21 68k/OS3.9 Download
AmigaAMP 3.21 PPC/OS4.x Download

New features:
  • Replaced connection popup window with info in title bar (reaction) or info line (skin mode).
  • ReAction: Added iconify gadget to main window.
  • Fixed long filename handling.
  • Set default for "Show TagEditor" to FALSE. If this setting doesn't exist in the prefs file then info window will not be shown.
  • 68k: Fixed internal memory overflow when calculating plugin data.
  • "Engine" part of amigaamp.prefs is now compatible with AmigaAMP2.
  • 68k: Changed visualisation routine to support high resolution and peak-dots.

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