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Importanti novitÓ riguardo l'emulazione di OS4, il bravo Toni Wilen ci sta lavorano a spron battuto grazie anche alle donazioni che sono sempre benaccette, nelle parossime release anche OS4 potrÓ scambiare dati con lle directory di Windows e non solo, allego due citazione integrale di Toni.

[i]Big update!

uaehf.device ("UAE" controller) hardfile works in OS4!. Directly booting from UAE hardfile not yet tested but at least automount works as expected.

Communication protocol is currently very simple, not thread safe, busy looping, lots of logging and so on. Don't ask about performance. Functionality and stability always comes first.

There is still some really nasty and tricky cases to support before directory hardfiles or bsdsocket or any other more complex expansion can work, for example ability to call Amiga library functions from host side.

This is not yet stable enough for public tests but soon, I expect something usable will be available in few days to 1 week or so..

This information can be posted in other forums/news sites. I think many users have been waiting for this.. And donations are still accepted


[b]And even more bigger update!

Directory harddrives now work in OS4!

(Directory hardfiles didn't need library calls, only uaegfx and bsdsocket needs those)

Dove l'ho sentita ?

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