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Utimi aggiornamento di Odyssey Web Browser 1.25 per AROS (16-12-2015)

Odyssey Web Browser 1.25-20151201

31.08.2015: Odyssey Web Browser 1.25 BETA 1
- Updated to WebKit r183664 (May 2015). (AROS)
- Ported Odyssey directly on top of WebKit repository. (Common)
- Enable HTML5 video feature. (AROS)
- Bookmarks management panel has been made functional (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Cookies management panel has been made functional (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Fixed "second download crash". (AROS)
- Updated to ffmpeg 2.6.2. (AROS)
- Fixed problem with Odyssey not remembering window width after closing. (AROS)
- Fixed problem with pressing enter not beeing handled in search window. (AROS)
- Added a "gracefull exit" option on crash of Odyssey allowing to close the application and free memory. (AROS)
- It is possible to disable JavaScript Just-in-Time compiler using NO_JSC_JIT tooltype. (Common)
- WebKit codes revision is now presented in AboutBox. (Common)
- Disabled WebWorkers support. (Common)
- Browser spoofing agents are updated for Firefox and Chrome. (Common)
- Added option to disable/enable MP4 support (enabled by default). (Common)
- Fixed crash when closing bookmarks panel (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Double-clicking on bookmarks opens it in current tab. (AROS)
- Fixed list-related code that was trashing memory. (AROS)
- Lists (download, mime settings, history) now have a scroll bar (needs updated MUI components). (AROS)
- Fixed "division by zero" error in Quick Links handling (Common)

17.09.2015: Update to AROS-components
- opening or closing a tab does not cause flicker anymore
- switching between tabs does not cause flicker anymore
- tabs area enlarged so that button or icon are not damaged by rounded edges
- opening a new tab via middle button (link click) makes this tab inactive by default

26.09.2015: Update to Odyssey
Copy AROS: Storage/AHI/device.audion to AROS: Devs/AHI
Copy AROS: Storage/AudioModes/DEVICE to AROS: Devs/AudioModes
Restart AROS
Go to AROS:Prefs/AHI
For "Music Unit" select a new entry called "Unit 0: 16 bit stereo++"
For "Unit 0" keep your correct audio driver selected as it was before

7.12.2015: Update to Odyssey
- sound is not longer slightly delayed versus video
- fixed HTML check boxes and lists to render
- unified look & feel of check boxes and radio boxes
- updated Italian catalog by saimo79
- HTML documentation by saimo79
- engine updated to r185045 (end of May)

16.12.2015: Update to Odyssey
- engine updated to r187682 (end of July) - this is the last engine update before 1.25 release
- update updated version of fontconfig (2.11.1)

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