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Rif: [AROS] Research Operating System

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Android-Hosted AROS

I've successful installed AROS on my Motorola_Razr_HD (with Android 4.0.4)!

But it was a bit tricky:
1. copy the unpacked AROS-dir to the SDCARD (which is unfortunately mount as 'external1')
2. create an empty AROS-dir on mnt/sdcard
3. move the whole dir from mnt/external1 to mnt/sdcard/aros
which can be done with 'Astro-Dateimanager'
4. install the bootstrap.apk
5. maybe move the content of mnt/sdcard/aros/aros to mtn/sdcard/aros but that's a bug of the newest nightly (as mentioned already)
6. start the app

Nice'n'fast system on a 1196x620 widescreen (or 720x1096)

By DaFreak

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