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Rif: [AROS] Research Operating System

AROS Broadway 0.86 "Redux"

Comincia a prendere piede anche anche questa bella Distro di AROS, il suo autore propone il test di questa sua nuove
a release, allego sua citazione, se avevte qualcosa da comunicargli, QUESTO il topic aperto per il test.

I am looking for some testers.
I will post a link asap here.

I need at least one with a ARESONE.
- just check if Intro has sound! (there are now several boards in the wild and there was sometimes trouble with the hdaudio.config of other distros (or nightly).

brings new system files
New Bootmenu
streamlined installation
netinstall (so future versions can be installed just with this ISO)

I have removed many games especially DOOM,Quake and DukeNukem

Updates OWB including js scripts
Broadway Boulevard (nothing more than a jump site to AROS specific websites)

If you choose Rescue(live-mode) you will see only a reduced set of applications!
Only enough to chat (IRC), surf OWB, read PDF, copy to USB and so on...
everything you could need to rescue or restore your setup.

Added music, Wallpapers and a video to test multimedia
(Many thanks to Welle:Erdball)

I need a little bit fine-tuning... so the iso will be official "beta" (last testing, last changes) Final should be ready on friday.

@Pi fans
Yes, there will be an update (next week)

Dove l'ho sentita ?

English Amiga Board AfA One AROS x86 AROS 68k

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