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AMIGA 16-09-2015 21.33.51

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 9 (20 Agosto 2015)

- x86 floppy controller EOT parameter was read from wrong offset. Note that previously 1.4M floppy in 720K drive (configured in 2286+ BIOS) worked, not anymore.
- Added x86 bridgeboard 1.2M PC floppy image support.
- Added Advanced chipset option that emulates some 68040/060 board's (for example Blizzard 1240/1260) custom register byte write "bug" where byte write to custom register does not write same value to both upper and lower byte. Previously this was always enabled if CPU type was 68060. (Writing to even address: zero written to odd address, writing to odd address: works "correctly")
- Fixed emulation boot crash if mouse driver was enabled (b8)
- x86 IDE config didn't load correctly. (Reset and save needed to fix it). x86 VGA also needs config reset.

AMIGA 16-09-2015 21.36.01

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 10 (28 Agosto 2015)

- IDE emulation internal operation change. Previously next block was read from hardfile after previous block was transferred. Now all blocks are buffered first before transferring (or if write: all data is received first and then all buffered data is written to HDF). Fixes A2286 BIOS built-in IDE driver which does not wait for interrupt or DRQ status bit between transferred blocks. (Which technically is a bug, driver is depending on some specific HD manufacturer/model internal implementation detail)
- Amiga to PC bridgeboard interrupt enable/disable state fixed. A2286 Janus hardfile access does not hang anymore.
- Added x86 CPU speed adjustment (CPU panel, full left = fastest possible mode). Note that some BIOS drivers use CPU delay loops, unexpected things can happen.. Fastest possible enables extra hack ("immediate" floppy to prevent floppy detection fail). Speed adjustment is only enabled after initial
BIOS diagnostics checks have been done because some timer tests fail if CPU is too fast..
- Added right control = right Windows key option. (Keyboards without right Windows key, quicker to use than creating custom mapping, note that it also disables keyboard layout B RCTRL=fire mapping)
- GUI window is now per-monitor high DPI aware.
- 3-State Apollo 500/2000 IDE/SCSI combo HD controller fully implemented. ROM added to ROM scanner. 3rd party replacement ROM available from Aminet. (
- CDFS automount without physical drives mounted 10 empty image drives (b1).

AMIGA 16-09-2015 21.37.10

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 11 (4 Settembre 2015)

- Fixed A2386SX default video mode configuration, it is software controlled, not jumper like in older models. Fixes unexpected "Invalid configuration information" BIOS messages.
- Added A2386SX-only hack to enable working 1.4M floppy images, I assume it thinks connected drive is Amiga 1760k drive and it programs FDC to use 720k (1.4M half speed) bit rate.
- Autodetect *.ima PC disk images inside archives.
- Increased IDE emulation multiple transfer support from 64 blocks to 128 blocks (Max possible).
- Universal XTIDE BIOS load address is now user configurable. (Exxxx does not work in AT systems)
- x86 IDE emulation used wrong byte swapping mode if data port width was 16/32-bit (AT systems)
- Added support for IDE emulation edge triggered interrupts. ISA bus uses edge triggered interrupts, Fixes A2386SX IDE configuration hang.
- Only first non-autoconfig "board" was initialized if more than one was configured (for example both x86 AT IDE and XT IDE controller was enabled)
- Write-protect 0xDC000 region from Amiga-side writes if it is used by XTIDE Universal BIOS. This address conflicts with Amiga-PC shared memory space but fortunately it seems only beginning of this space is actually used for Amiga-PC communication.
- XTIDE Universal BIOS hardware is now correctly emulated.
- Per-monitor high DPI update caused repeated GUI re-open in some situations.
- DOSBox CPU modes now use DOSBox hardware timer emulation, fixes A2386SX floppy access delays.
- Added all currently available bridgeboard BIOS ROMs to ROM scanner.
- Cleaned up internal expansion ROM selection code.

NOTE: Nearly all previously created DOS HD images are not supported anymore due to wrong byte swapping. They need to be created from scratch.

AMIGA 16-09-2015 21.38.16

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 12 (15 Settembre 2015)

- Boolean config true value converts to 1 and false to zero before doing any calculations. someboolentry=[1-someboolentry] custom event string now works as expected.
- Bridgeboard in VGA graphics mode only updated part of display (and sometimes nothing was updated).
- ESP (53C94, FAS216 etc..) SCSI updates to support Multi Evolution (Needs FIFO used count and does odd things)
- Multi Evolution 500/2000 SCSI controller emulation added.
- XT bridgeboard timer gate 2 pin was not hooked up in DOSBox CPU mode. ("Timer2 control function failed")
- Removed RTC status bit hack, PIC_TickIndex() works now. ("The Real Time Clock has not been initialized")
- Delay bridgeboard emulated MDA/CGA VRAM write interrupts until next vblank to reduce number of interrupts. (Real hardware may or may not do same)
- Initialize bridgeboard add-on IDE controllers after Z2 boards (was after Z3 which prevents them to initialize if used KS ROM does not support Z3 boards and at least one Z3 board was enabled).
- Adjusted MDA/CGA emulation mode hsync/vsync reporting, some programs had really slow screen updates.

Multi Evolution 500/2000:
- Not autoconfig but has boot ROM at $f00000 region. (Autoconfig is only for RAM expansion)
- Boots also under KS 1.2. (Boot ROM does some ugly system patches)
- Long word wide fake DMA.
- Boot image that also shows SCSI detection diagnostics messages.
- At least v3.0 ROM version driver does odd things, it sends MESSAGE ACCEPTED command first, then it reads the message byte.

AMIGA 22-09-2015 10.58.35

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 13 (21 Settembre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 13 (64Bit) (21 Settembre 2015)

- SCSI emulation INQUIRY command didn't clear old data in output buffer (b7)
- Do not abort uaehf.device RDB parsing if drive init or bad block list is set.
- A2386SX 16M+ memory size crash fix.
- Implemented previously empty QEMU byteswap function, fixes 16-bit Cirrus Logic VGA text mode.
- zlib and libpng (used by screenshot function) updated to latest versions.
- Added PC 3.5" HD 21 sectors/track format to PC floppy size autodetection list. (DMF format)
- Renamed GUI Flash RAM file title, it is also used for A2286/A2386SX CMOS RAM.
- Big Aranym JIT merge. 64-bit version JIT supported. Includes big 32-bit JIT changes. May cause breakage. (Frode) PPC support is not (yet) 64-bit compatible.

64-bit compatible JIT notes:

Use this thread: to report following JIT related issues:
- 32-bit JIT works but 64-bit JIT crashes/works differently etc.
- 32-bit JIT works differently than in previous beta. (=before JIT merge)

Do not use above thread for non-JIT issues.

- 2G of Amiga address space available (vs ~1G to ~1.5G in 32-bit version under 64-bit OS). Because JIT still requires Amiga address space inside first 4G of host process address space and Windows allocates few pages in the middle of first 4G, 2G is the current max. Technically this is not a problem because AmigaOS is not really designed to support RAM at 2G-4G of address space, programs may use signed pointers and some exec functions use address bit 31 for error state. (In theory 3G may be possible later if it is really needed)
- Use "UAE" RAM allocation mode (not "Real") if you want max available Z3 RAM (up to 1.5G. Z3 RAM + RTG VRAM + 256M must be less than or equal to 2G. Anything more = crash.
- 64-bit JIT FPU is not fully functional yet. Do not enable.

AMIGA 27-09-2015 20.59.01

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 14 (27 Settembre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 14 (64Bit) (27 Settembre 2015)

- 64-bit JIT fixes. JIT FPU also fixed. (Frode)
- RDB parser dumps block contents to the log if parsing fails.
- SCSI tape request sense tape position bits (end/beginning) was not reported correctly (b7)
- UAE devices (uaeserial, uaescsi and so on) are now supported under KS 1.2.
- Directory harddrives and uaehf.device is now KS 1.2 automount/boot capable.

KS 1.2 boot notes:
- Logic reverse engineered from Multi Evolution SCSI driver.
- First drive in Harddrives panel is boot drive, even if it has lower boot priority than other drives.
- If boot priority = -128 (no autoboot): don't enable fake DF0: boot disk hack.
- Ugly hack. Temporarily patches DoIO() to inject fake df0: boot block and PutMsg() to get control after dos has been initialized.

AMIGA 04-10-2015 02.42.30

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 15 (03 Ottobre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 15 (64Bit) (03 Ottobre 2015)

- KS1.2 boot hack improved, now also works with KS 1.1, KS 1.0 and even with 0.7 beta!
- Added old style >2M chip RAM support back as a fallback, used when new method can't extend chip ram size.
- Fixed CAS2 instruction comparison failed case, memory operands should be written to Dc, not Du.
- Support DSKLEN writes while disk DMA is active, update only remaining DMA length without modifying DMA state (undocumented feature).
- If ROM scanner finds same ROM image multiple times, select plain file version if possible (not in archive).

Pre-KS 1.2 boot notes:
- KS 1.1 and older DOS is pure BCPL. Added separate BCPL entry point to directory filesystem handler that makes BCPL DOS happy.
- Expansion.library does not exist: MakeDosNode and AddDosNode replacements added.
- Directory filesystem automount/boot fully supported.
- Hardfiles work more or less same as with KS 1.3.
- Boot priority sorting is not supported, first drive is always boot drive. (This can change in the future, don't depend on current behavior!)
- WB 1.3 L:FastFileSystem is supported with 1.2 and older versions. (Automatically puts it inside BCPL wrapper and patches 1.2+ only CopyMem() calls)
- BCPL stuff from AROS m68k. Most of DOS BCPL was re-implemented and documented by Jason and me in AROS m68k.
- This completes one of the most pointless features ever. Until next most pointless feature.

[I can write detailed technical description of how pre-1.3 HD booting works and what kind of hacks and BCPL tricks were needed]

AMIGA 15-10-2015 02.42.12

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 16 (14 Ottobre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 16 (64Bit) (14 Ottobre 2015)

QEMU 2.4 update: Include versioni both a 32-64 Bit (14 Ottobre 2015)

Finally feature-complete. Including 64-bit JIT and 64-bit PPC support

- Added Mediator 1200SX autoconfig data.
- Added support for 68020+ CPU floating bus data when clock chip is not connected (Not yet correctly emulated, need accurate CPU cycle sequence and more)
- SPS plugin was not searched from all supported directories.
- Don't add fake uae boot rom expansion board if "hide uae expansions" is enabled.
- FPU FPCR and FPIAR was swapped in disassembler.
- CIA-B TOD accurate cycle counting code used CIA-A "is tod on?" variable.. (2.7.x or somewhere close)
- Use official AD1848 crystal value in Toccata emulation (24.576MHz), it seems some Toccata boards have correct crystals and some not exactly correct (For example 24.582MHz). Now 48000Hz output is exactly 48000Hz. (was 48011)
- 64-bit JIT FPU rounding mode fix and other 64-bit FPU fixes. (Frode)
- 64-bit QEMU PPC plugin fixed (Frode)
- Added memory accesses only -cycle-exact mode. In this mode CPU does not internally count cycles, only external memory accesses are counted, including chipset DMA contention. (This was previously only used when 68040/060 and cycle exact was enabled). 68020+ only, at least for now. More compatible (prefetch + caches) also required.
- GUI disk eject button worked unreliably if disk was inserted and then immediately ejected.

AMIGA 16-10-2015 20.20.00

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 16 Fix1 (16 Ottobre 2015)

Importante Fix per tutti coloro che con i sistemi Windows a 32Bit e la nuova Beta 16, avevano avuto problemi con gli schermi "Picasso IV Zorro III" e "UAE GFX", dove non erano pił disponibili su OS4x e OS3x.

AMIGA 22-10-2015 12.27.25

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 17 (21 Ottobre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 17 (64Bit) (21 Ottobre 2015)

- Trace mode in 68000 cycle-exact was 4 cycles too long.
- 68000 cycle-exact mode STOP needs at least 8 cycles before it can wake up.
- Memory-only cycle exact crash when entering GUI.
- Memory-only cycle exact shortcut config entry cycle_exact=memory (Old false and true values have not changed)
- Only use picassoiv_rom_file config entry if it contains valid path. (Workaround for some config files that contain picassoiv_rom_file=:NOROM for some reason)
- Z3 Picasso IV was disabled if there was not enough address space even when JIT was disabled (b16).
- JIT on/off change was not delayed until it was safe to do, like other CPU option changes. uae-configuration (or similar) on the fly config changes were unreliable in this situation.
- FAT drive mounted as a directory harddrive: file's modification time was not always correct. (2.6.0, wrong date field name)
- Warp mode fps limit added, config file only: warp_limit=fps

AMIGA 27-10-2015 20.28.51

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 18 (26 Ottobre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 18 (64Bit) (26 Ottobre 2015)

- If dragndrop to GUI closed GUI (for example config file with show_gui=no), invalid GUI windows handle was accessed.
- Don't parse command line again when restarting emulation (for example by loading new config when emulation has already been started). Previously command line overrode new config.
- "Forget" all remembered scan line states when forcing full refresh, previously some border region scan lines were not refreshed properly when display parameters, for example centering, changed.
- Fixed named pipe unicode format buffer size calculation bug.
- If last command line parameter is a path and it looks like config file or state file: load it automatically. Adds support for dragndrop over winuae.exe shortcut with other parameters in shortcut's Target field.
- Automatically resolve all shortcut (*.lnk) paths in command line.
- D3D9 non-shader mode forgot scanline texture when switching modes.
- Fixed off by one bug in input device re-enumeration causing keyboard layout B->A or C->B change.

AMIGA 02-11-2015 19.42.48

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 19 (02 Novembre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 19 (64Bit) (02 Novembre 2015)

- Sprite in far right border feature (b1) didn't work correctly in AGA modes that require hires/shres horizontal sprite resolution support. (Alien Breed 3D garbage sprite in right border)
- AGA hires/shres horizontal scrolling feature was not fully in sync with sprites (Banshee)
- In some situations bitplane DMA emulation internal state flag got stuck in active state (Aladdin blank screen).

AMIGA 06-11-2015 02.55.50

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 20 "RC3" (05 Novembre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 20 (64Bit) "RC3" (05 Novembre 2015)

- Map ROM feature was not JIT direct compatible (JIT update few betas ago)
- Do not initialize CD drivers twice. (scsi passthrought, ioctl, image)
- Fix compatibility with old config files (before 68000/010 32-bit addressing option was added), force 24-bit addressing if config file was saved with 2.8.1 or older.
- Another old config compatibily update, if 68000/010 with chipset extra set to Generic, use more A500-like mainboard config than bigbox-like.
- Added Kupke Golem FastSCSI/IDE combo board.
- FastLane SCSI autoconfig mapping fixed.
- ROM scanner prefer roms not in archives update (b15) had exactly opposite effect..

Kupke Golem FastSCSI/IDE:
- SCSI/IDE combo board. Whole board or only IDE can be disabled.
- Fake DMA (SCSI long word wide, usual word wide PIO IDE)
- 4.2 ROM added ("fastscsi device (romversion) V4.2 (06-FEB-95)")
- Boot ROM made in 1995 without custom filesystem support..
- Does not copy ROM code to RAM, driver code executes directly from ROM.

AMIGA 28-11-2015 21.02.17

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.1 Stable (19 Novembre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.1 Stable (64Bit) (19 Novembre 2015)

3.2.0 bugs fixed:

- Loading statefile with enabled FPU crashed.
- Custom chipset display was shifted in some rare situations.
- 64-bit version didn't load DLLs without x64, _64,... extension in name.
- RTG board was not fully disabled if configured RAM config was incompatible.

Other bug fixes:

- 68040+ CPU mode statefile save buffer overflow.
- Unaligned supervisor stack was not allowed in 68020+ modes.


- Reduce RAM size and try again if Blizzard RAM allocation fails.
- Switch off triple buffering if windowed mode with DWM active.

AMIGA 11-12-2015 13.23.26

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.2.2 Beta 1 (10 Dicembre 2015)

WinUAE 3.2.2 Beta 1 (64Bit) (10 Dicembre 2015)

Main rule: Before reporting, make sure bug is NOT in previous offical version. (If it is -> post in separate thread). No feature requests.

More information:

- 68020+ BFFFO instruction's result value must be calculated from full offset (was offset AND 31), even when effective address is data register.
- When loading config with joystick that is not available, switch to keyboard layout that was previously selected or none, not layout A. Set layout A in default.uae if you want old behavior.
- If IPL rises during interrupt exception processing, new interrupt exception should start immediately when previous one was about to execute first instruction. Previously one instruction was always executed before new instruction exception processing started.
- Per-monitor high DPI update still caused repeated GUI window closing/opening.
- Slirp code had undefined C (unsigned <= 0 comparisons, in WinUAE only), probably accidentally worked when using older compiler. Caused slirp thread to use 100% CPU time continuously.
- Keyboard names are now listed in Input panel device list. (Replaces "HID Keyboard Device" or similar generic name)
- AGA FMODE register was reset to original value if state was restored and then display parameters changed (for example window was resized) and program didn't update FMODE for example in copper list. (3.1.0b10)
- AGA subpixel bitplane delay emulation rewritten. (Fire and Ice CD32 config screen jitter, Banshee flickering vertical line)
- Fixed wrong free call in function that creates zipped debugging log files.
- Renamed log file zip file name. includes now 64-bit identifier and version number.
- Added Windows build number to log version string.
- Filter reserved USB HID usage IDs, not just vendor reserved IDs.
- Changed HID RawInput handling, never unregister raw input, use rawinput device change events to detect device insertions/removals instead of generic change support that also includes other types of media changes. This update also works around odd Windows 10 (10586 only?) rawinput side-effect where device handle can change after RegisterRawInputDevices() call. Raw input device change notification support is Vista or later only.
- Updated built-in HRTmon to 2.36
- Clip out of bounds RTG coordinates instead of rejecting graphics operation completely.
- SSE2 rounding mode should match FPU rounding mode. (3.2.0b16)

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