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AMIGA 16-09-2016 08.31.14

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development

2 Tutorial Video che mostrano come configurare OS4.1 e AFA OS (o A4.000 OS 3.9 GFX) su WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 6.

WinUAE Configurare AMiGA AFA OS 4.7

WinUAE Configurare AMiGA AFA OS 4.1

AMIGA 19-09-2016 16.02.36

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 7 (17 Settembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 7 (64Bit) (17 Settembre)

- CD32 FMV ROM image was not loaded correctly from pre-3.4 config files.
- CD32 first CD audio track play attempt from the beginning was confused with TOC subchannel read.
- Z2/Z3 autoconfig data first byte's upper 5 bits was not editable. Only low 3 size bits should be forced (board size).
- Implemented non-autoconfig RAM board definition support. Added DKB Insider I/II.
- CD emulation didn't automatically load TOC when accessing the CD for the first time and program didn't request TOC previously. (Fixes Buddha ATAPI device not reading CD in non-image mode)
- Added manual (non-autoconfig) GUI memory board support. Any Z2 or Z3 board can be configured as manually mapped.
- Pre-KS1.2 boot support works again. Now expansion tree is build before emulation starts but pre-KS1.2 boot support obviously needs to know KS version before emulation starts but KS won't be loaded until emulation starts..
- Fixed harmless "SCSI command xx, no direction specified!" messages when attempting to play audio CD using hardware SCSI/ATAPI emulation.
- Fixed unstable Portaudio audio in vsync modes.
- Tecmar T-Card RAM works again. First Z2 RAM is emulated as Tecmar autoconfig RAM board.
- Shortcuts with SHIFT work again in optimized builds. It was buffer overflow (reading past end of buffer) very deep in input handling.
- Both SCRAM 500/2000 SCSI board variants emulated (DP8490V = 53C80 and NCR53C94).
- More ESP/NCR5394/FAS216 updates, FIFO in PIO mode only can contain max 1 byte. (SCRAM NCR53C94 fix)
- Otronic Filecard 2000/OSSI 500 emulation. (Official ROM is MIA, Aminet replacement rom works but it needs to be merged first)
- Automatically loaded default.uae with unplugged input device: set it to none, not layout A.
- Include CD/FMV audio caused infinite loop when playing CD audio.
- Disable ROM panel UAE MapROM option if accelerator board emulation is enabled. They are incompatible.
- Accelerator boards that required ROM but nothing was selected: crashed during expansion tree building.
- DD-only drive + turbo floppy mode + standard ADF HD floppy image: valid MFM was returned.
- Ignore all write attempts if standard ADF HD image in DD-only flpppy drive.

(some reported GUI related issues are not yet fixed)

AMIGA 25-09-2016 19.47.43

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 8 (24 Settembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 8 (64Bit) (24 Settembre)

- Do not initiate disk eject+reinsert sequence when changing write protection state that requires saveimage and emulation has not been started yet.
- Window border DF0:<>N mouse hotspot offset fixed.
- Do not reset HDF parameters when changing hardfile.
- Some combo boxes (text box with select menu) didn't accept select menu selection without also selecting the text first.
- Made "RTG board" support more modularized to enable easier implementation of new boards. END+F9 switching improved.
- Implemented Harlequin frame buffer graphics board emulation. Multiple boards supported simultaneously. Plus revision features only partially emulated, BT RAMDAC has lots of features that no known Harlequin software use.
- Added show Prev/Next/Native/RTG 1/RTG 2/RTG 3/RTG 4 input events. Old toggle chipset/RTG was renamed to Next display.
- -norawinput now only disables raw hid, keyboard and mouse always use rawinput since 3.3.0.
- Windowed mode statusbar message was only randomly visible when switching modes.
- Currently visible status bar message will be immediately overridden by new message if both messages have same type.
- END+F9 mode switch to programmed mode custom mode was not correctly positioned.
- Expansion Systems Dataflyer Plus SCSI/IDE controller emulated. (Not same as Dataflyer SCSI Plus which is A1200/A4000 IDE port SCSI adapter)
- Moved middle button untrap and "magic mouse" untrap/mouse sync to single select menu in gameports panel. (Misc panel middle button is kept because it is commonly used but now it only changes gameports option)
- Release all Amiga keys only when mode changes and window needs to be closed and opened (for example fullscreen<>windowed change)

Expansion Systems Dataflyer Plus:
- SCSI-only, IDE-only or SCSI+IDE configuration.
- SCSI is 5380 based, fake DMA (byte wide)
- Boot ROM is basically only a small driver loader, main driver is stored in RDB blocks.
- RDB compatible but can't autoboot from non-Dataflyer partitioned drive.
- It seems IDE partitioned HDF does not work in SCSI controller and vice versa, probably something geometry related that prevents boot rom to find RDB embedded driver.

AMIGA 25-09-2016 19.48.18

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 9 (25 Settembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 9 (64Bit) (25 Settembre)

- Untrap = middle mouse button default was wrong and setting was nearly always incorrectly loaded from config file. (b8)
- Added SCSI+IDE, SCSI only and IDE only Dataflyer Plus options. (SCSI+IDE = default)
- Game Ports panel Remap/test option now supports button-specific autofire configuration. Main Game Ports panel autofire option is now ignored when any custom slot is selected. Other confusing Input panel options may be moved later here with more logical grouping. Does not yet hide options that are not compatible with selected input event.
- Orphaned (no bridgeboard configured) x86 VGA board caused bogus error message at startup.
- Enabling Picasso IV added incorrectly "NOROM" ROM type to Expansions panel.
- For some reason QEMU Cirrus Logic code only stored chip model when initialized for the first time, this caused graphics glitches if any 4M board was initialized after 2M or smaller board. For example Picasso IV + x86 VGA.
- JIT Direct + Picasso IV Z3 was broken in recent beta.
- Added Expansion Systems Dataflyer Plus boot ROM v1.5 and v1.7 to ROM scanner. (v2.1 was added in b8)

New expansion handling is finally getting stable enough. If there is still old beta related unsolved bugs, please report them again.

AMIGA 05-10-2016 00.41.01

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 10 (04 Ottobre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 10 (64Bit) (04 Ottobre)

- OpalVision emulation. Not fully supported yet, King of Karate does not work but for example OpalPaint mostly work with some glitches.
- ColorBurst emulation, partial. Only existing software seems to be "CB Paint Update" in TOSEC. ColorBurst is functionally nearly identical to OpalVision but has less features. Note: that most test programs are buggy and very CPU speed sensitive, the slower the CPU the less you see..
- It was not possible to edit directory harddrive volume or device name.
- Current visible RTG display state was not fully re-initialized when system was reset.
- Increased GUI max size limits to support very high resolution screens.
- Some accelerator boards (for example CSMK1) mapped 128k board to Z2 autoconfig space when correct size was 64k. Caused validation halt error and/or reset loop if it wasn't last Z2 board.

OpalVision and ColorBurst note: Multiple per-pixel calculations are needed to render the output (priority/plane/genlock stencil masking, memory bank selection, color modes, copro line-based mode changes, etc..). If it is too slow: buy a new PC. I am not going to optimize it.

AMIGA 10-10-2016 12.41.11

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 11 (08 Ottobre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 11 (64Bit) (08 Ottobre)

- Added generic Z2/Z3 autoconfig support to expansion.cpp. Previously each expansion type needed own separate autoconfig handling.
- Ariadne II added but not yet working. Drivers require working 9346 EEPROM chip. (RTL8029 is NE2000 clone with some extra features)
- Any archive mounted as a harddrive: skip files with zero length file names.
- LZX archive mounted as a harddrive: archives inside LZX archive didn't always unpack and zero size files failed to open.
- Genlock custom video file, capture device and image file support fully implemented. GUI support added. Uses obsolete DirectShow SampleGrabber method which is not necessarily supported with all video files/capture devices. Image support requires png image files. Scaling is simple integer scaling. Genlock display changes to blue if image, video or capture device fails to open. Capture option uses default capture device. You may get few seconds of blue genlock screen before capture/video initializes fully. Maximum pointlessness feature level reached!
- uaesnd updates. It can play sound for the first time.
- Test compilation with Visual Studio 15 Preview 5.

Ci sono anche i due Fix relativi alla mia segnalazione su Archivi LHA e LZX discusso QUI con l'autore di WinUAE.

AMIGA 05-11-2016 18.05.24

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 12 (15 Ottobre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 12 (64Bit) (15 Ottobre)

- If genlock is active, mode is not "-" and new genlock alpha option is checked, screenshots and avioutput videos include alpha-channel generated from genlock transparency data. Only works in 32-bit mode and may not work if capture before filtering is not set.
- Added genlock video input events: restart, pause/unpause, next and previous frame.
- WASAPI shared mode uses lower latency mode introduced in Windows 10 that allows sub-10ms latencies in shared mode (if sound driver supports it). Buffers larger than 10ms and non-Windows 10 systems use "old" method.
- "Min" (WASAPI only) sound buffer setting added. Selects smallest buffer size that driver supports.
- WASAPI sound buffer size adjusted. All buffer size values now allocate smaller buffer than previously, pull (event) mode is much more stable than previously used push mode, there is no need for very large buffer sizes anymore.
- WASAPI sound automatically switches to default device if current device disappears (for example unplugged USB sound card/headset)
- Added RTL8019 9346 EEPROM emulation.
- Ariadne II NIC emulation. RTL8019AS based. (9346 contents are not correct but driver does not seem to care)
- X-Surf NIC emulation, also RTL8019AS based. (Including ISA PNP emulation that driver needs...) No IDE support.
- X-Surf 100 (Z2 and Z3) NIC emulation, uses RTL8019AS "compatible" chip. Does not emulate any AX88796B extra features (=only works if driver assumes chip only supports NE2000/RTL8019AS features. Official driver does not seem to use any extra features.)
- Ariadne II and X-Surfs are currently SLIRP-only, no configuration available. Multiple enabled NICs are still also not supported.
- Disable horizontal/vertical filter configured blanking if display port adapter is active that needs RGBI control lines.
- Try to uncapture mouse before showing crash report dialog

AMIGA 05-11-2016 18.05.57

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 13 (21 Ottobre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 13 (64Bit) (21 Ottobre)

- Fixed double free in RTL8019 9346 EEPROM emulation. Caused random crashes.
- Implemented DP8390 NIC support (Same register set as NE2000 but without on board RAM "fake DMA" support)
- Added DP8390 based NICs, ASDG LAN Rover/EB920 and Hydra AmigaNET.
- Moved slirp/winpcap option to Expansions -> Network Adapters. Note: Still can't have more than 1 network device active.
- Removed A2065, NE2000 PCMCIA and Realtek 8029 PCI GUI checkboxes. Everything is now under Network Adapters.
- Expansion device select menu sorting fixed.
- winpcap mode now by default uses generated local MAC address (aa-82-8a-xx-xx-xx xx=from physical NIC MAC), or if A2065, it uses real A2065 00-80-10-xx-xx-xx MAC. This fixes conflicts with Windows' use of same physical NIC. Custom winpcap MAC address can be forced by editing config file (*_rom_options=mac=xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx). GUI is not yet supported. Physical NIC is also switched to promiscous mode automatically if NIC MAC does not match Amiga side MAC.
- Ignore all received winpcap packets when emulation is paused.
- FFS HDF partizione (con WB 1.3 disco L: FastFileSystem) ora completamente stivali sotto KS 1.0.

WinPCap note: Use if you have Windows 10. NOTE2: It has a bug that causes "FATAL Bad Memory Block." errors to appear in winuae's log. It is fortunately harmless. may also work. (npcap DLL path locations are now supported)

NOTE: Only 3.3 (and older) config files with old style A2065 or RTL8029 PCI config entries are loaded. 3.4 beta created config files need manual A2065/RTL8029/NE2000 PCMCIA reconfiguration. Old config entries are still created for backwards compatibility but they are ignored when loading.

AMIGA 05-11-2016 18.06.32

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 14 (29 Ottobre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 14 (64Bit) (29 Ottobre)

- Ariadne network adapter emulation added. (Am79c960 based, improved Am79c90)
- uaesnd update, sample format byte changed, added support for little-endian and signed samples.
- Old NE2000 config entries overrode new style entries until config file was rewritten at least once.
- Sound output frequency max limit increased from 96KHz to 192KHz. (Useless but if you really want to do it..)
- Added missing drive type/feature level options to add harddrive dialog.
- Opalvision updates, OpalPaint palette is now fully visible, interlace mode missing lines fixed. King of Karate confirmed working. PlayAnim24 (which uses sort of polarity inverted control line) works.

AMIGA 17-11-2016 17.51.40

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 15 (06 Novembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 15 (64Bit) (06 Novembre)

- GUI created pre-formatted DD disks had wrong root block allocation in bitmap. (b7 or somewhere close)
- Enabling Quickstart mode didn't reset all new memory parameters (autoconfig etc), only size.
- Fixed WASAPI sound hang if sound device disappeared/changed modes when emulation was waiting for too full buffer to empty.
- WASAPI sound attempts to re-open automatically if for example Windows sound control panel parameters have been changed.
- Changing CPU config during reset (for example using reset input event) didn't always re-initialize all required CPU settings.
- Added RAM to UAESND board. (8M if Z3, 32k if Z2) Can be used for 1:1 physical/logical mapped sample set or sample data storage.
- UAESND sample type variable added, unused for now but if/when there needs to be compressed format support that can be transparently uncompressed using Windows codecs. (mp3 etc..). Sample set structure is not compatible with old version anymore.
- Added keyboard connected chipset option. Inserting keyboard on the fly does usual powerup keycode sequence like any real removable keyboard (for example A1000). Logica diagnostics ROM uses this to detect connected keyboard.
- Sprite to bitplane collision optimization, skip the collision calculation if collision bit(s) are already set (=program does not use collisions), previous fix removed (bad) optimization and unnecessarily increased CPU power requirements when program uses lots of sprites and does not care about collisions.
- Replaced Vector Falcon 8000 v7.1 ROM with correctly odd/even split version and added v7.6.

AMIGA 17-11-2016 21.35.00

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 16 (11 Novembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 16 (64Bit) (11 Novembre)

- uaenet.device unit 0 and 1 (slirp units) didn't open (some previous beta)
- Floppy drive sound volume labels were swapped.
- HDF create size option now accepts decimal numbers. (4.5 = 4.5M. Size is always truncated to 512 byte boundary)
- Microbotics HardFrame SCSI controller emulation. v1.5 ROM added.
- Mainhattan A-Team IDE controller emulation. v1.8. ROM added.
- Immediately free previously allocated screenshot data if screenshot parameters change. (No need to close and open GUI)
- Improve floppy selection drop down behavior. Don't select image until drop down gets closed, sort history list only after combo box loses focus to allow keyboard shortcuts to work properly, cursor up/down works without qualifiers.
- GUI tab-key order updated.

Microbotics HardFrame:
- Adaptec AIC-6250 SCSI chip. Possibly only Amiga controller that uses this chip. Slightly more advanced than 5380.
- True DMA! Off the self 68430 DMA controller.
- v1.5 ROM ("MicroBotics HardFrame Driver 1.5")
- Incomplete emulation, only driver required SCSI chip and DMA controller features are emulated.

Mainhattan A-Team:
- Yet another basic PIO IDE controller.
- v1.8 ROM ("ateam at-bus device driver (romversion) V1.8 (19-Jun-92)"
- "ateam.asm,v 92/05/20 20:44:21 ML Rel $ Copyright (c)92 by MAINHATTAN-Data. Written by Mike Lamm. All Rights reserved!"
- Does not seem to support custom filesystems.

AMIGA 04-12-2016 19.39.41

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 17 (27 Novembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 17 (64Bit) (27 Novembre)

- Allow non-power of 2 manually configurable memory size, in 64k blocks. (Unsupported with JIT)
- If possible bitplane overrun situation is active, skip BPLCON0 non-delayed modification optimization. (Massive / Skarla)
- Do not steal focus from tree view GUI panel when moving selection up or down using keyboard.
- Switching from 32-bit to 24-bit address space CPU with Z3 UAEGFX: Mode was changed to Z2 without validating old size.
- Some Z2 fast mem only configs crashed at startup.
- American Laser Games arcade hardware emulation. ROMs added to ROM scanner, LD drive is also emulated. LaserDisc emulation uses recently added genlock video emulation to play the video. (Games will run without video but it also makes them completely unplayble..). NVRAM load/save support. ALG input events added to Input panel. (Pointless genlock video was useful after all!)
- Genlock video file sound track is also supported but it is only played in ALG LD emulator mode.
- Genlock image/video is now always scaled to screen, previous limited integer only scaling is gone.
- Added genlock keep aspect option.
- Picasso IV and x86 VGA ROM file was cleared when loaded. (b12)
- Updated to Visual Studio 2017 RC

American Laser Games configuration:
- Standard A500, KS 1.3, ECS Agnus. Extended ROM = game ROM selection.
- Genlock ALG mode, with video path pointing to LaserDisc video file.
- Input config: Lightpen (do not configure mouse in Amiga mouse port), ALG Right Trigger = fire. Service = service menu. Right Start and Right Coin needed to start the game and use service menu. Mad Dog McCree also needs Right Holster (reload). Player 2 is not fully supported.

American Laser Games discussion:

AMIGA 14-12-2016 18.46.18

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 18 RC1 (04 Dicembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 18 RC1(64Bit) (04 Dicembre)

(A metÓ dicembre sarÓ rilasciata la versione 3.4.0 finale)

- Input device on the fly change support now ignores all non-input device change events.
- On the fly switching from keyboard connected to disconnected did nothing.
- Added MIDI out and Genlock video volume setting to Sound panel volume drop down menu.

Da questa versione Ŕ possibile emulare il famoso "American Laser Games" uno dei primissimi giochi da Bar metÓ anni '80 dove AMiGA era protagonista.

American Laserdisk Game Demo WinUAE

American Laserdisk Game Demo WinUAE

AMIGA 17-12-2016 21.31.02

Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development
WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 20 (17 Dicembre)

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 20(64Bit) (17 Dicembre)

Ultima RC prima della versione finale

- Selecting item from HDF "history" drop down worked strangely depending on Windows version.
- Custom event string delay handling fix if delay was last or single event. (But I don't think anyone uses it this way..)

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