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28-12-2005, 00.20.59
Company EMA Innovation let out the special armchair Nethrone for the computer enthusiasts. Besides futuristic design the armchair differs in terms of great possibilities in the adjustment of the position of rider, screen and keyboard.


Armchair is motorized, adjustments are carried out by pressure on the buttons. In the seat is build it massazher, so that to carry out long hours after the computer will be more comfortably.

Nethrone is bed from the metal tubes, to which are fastened seat, the support for the keyboard and bracket for the JK- monitor. It is possible to move forward and backward seat and to incline its back to the horizontal position. There is a head rest with the adjustable height and foot rests. Keyboard is established on the removed panel, which facilitates landing in the armchair.

The bracket of display moves singing arc - so that even having been discarded back, it is possible to establish it before the eyes. It is possible to incline display and to obtain access to the section for the papers, which is located behind it.

Price and other details - on exhibition Ces-2006 during January.