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27-06-2005, 00.03.30

Royal TS 1.3

Un sostituto del classico Terminal Services Snap-In, ma con molte feature interessanti in pił; richide .NET Framework, e funziona con tutti i server che supportano il protocollo RPD; le caratteristiche principali sono :

Organize multiple connections in one file
Organize connections in different categories
Custom sorting. Change the order of the categories and connections
Move connection to other category
Set default values for new connections
Set autostart document
Start a connection via command line /connect:"Connection Name" (works with and without autostart document)
Default values and autostart document is stored in app.config file. Royal TS checks for write permission and disables the config menu for users who aren't allowed to change the config file
Embedded Mode (like the one in Terminal Services Snap-In)
External Window Mode
Smart Size Mode
Set different connection settings for each connection like Redirection, Color Depth, Window Size, Window Mode, ...
Change target RDP Port
Passwords can be stored with user credentials (encrypted)
Connect to interactive console (only for supported platforms) Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP are supporting this feature at this time. Other platforms ignore the flag
Session information display. See who is how connected

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