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08-07-2004, 01.16.25
A 6 year old vulnerability has been discovered in multiple browsers, allowing malicious people to spoof the content of websites.

The problem is that the browsers don't check if a target frame belongs to a website containing a malicious link, which therefore doesn't prevent one browser window from loading content in a named frame in another window.

Successful exploitation allows a malicious website to load arbitrary content in an arbitrary frame in another browser window owned by e.g. a trusted site.

The vulnerability has been confirmed in the following browsers:
* Opera 7.51 for Windows
* Opera 7.50 for Linux
* Mozilla 1.6 for Windows
* Mozilla 1.6 for Linux
* Mozilla Firebird 0.7 for Linux
* Mozilla Firefox 0.8 for Windows
* Netscape 7.1 for Windows
* Internet Explorer for Mac 5.2.3
* Safari 1.2.2
* Konqueror 3.1-15redhat

Other versions may also be affected.

The vulnerability also affects Internet Explorer:

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