Visualizza versione completa : dllw32.exe???

15-05-2004, 18.04.01
Per caso guardando i processi nel Task ho trovato sto file "dllw32.exe" in esecuzione. Incuriosito ho
scoperto che mi parte in automatico, l'ho disabilitato, ho usato Ad-aware 6, Spybot-Search & Destroy, Panda Antivirus lo ha cancellato individuandolo come virus,penso di aver risolto il problema.....
....e puff alla ripartenza di Xp mi ritrovo tutto come prima:mad: :mad: :mad:
Spero che qualcuno mi possa aiutare

15-05-2004, 18.57.55
Se hai Xp disabilita il ripristino automatico della configurazione del sistema e prova a vedere se trovi i file che sono scritti qui sotto. dlla32.exe dllx32.exe

I think I FINALLY got rid of both the Bizex.J worm AND the other trojans(dlla32.exe and dllx32.exe) that had previously proven to be very illusive.And here's what finally did it...in Annmarie's instructions, she had me use Process Explorer to 'kill' the DLLW32.EXE and MSGSRV32.EXE and the smaller, yet still very stubborn dlla32.exe and dllx32.exe.....which I did the first time around. Then I went on to re-scan using HJ this and 'fix' the files indicated--then I re-booted into safe mode and searched for, then deleted the files she told me to delete including msgsrv32.exe, dlla32.exe and dllx32.exe. However, Annmarie didn't tell me to do anything with DLLW32.EXE so I didn't even think to search for and/or delete that one the first time around--even though it was one of the ones she had me 'kill' earlier.
Anyway, this time, while in safe mode I did search for and found the DLLW32.EXE file along with several back-up files that I had never seen before--but they all appeared in the search results for DLLW32.EXE(I think that each time I tried to get rid of the other files, the DLLW32.EXE was creating back-ups and replacing them because there were ALOT of these back-up files.
After deleting all those files I rebooted once again and voila....NO 'warning' about not being able to find dlla32.exe and I searched for both dlla32.exe and dllx32.exe and they did NOT 'majically' re-appear as they had all the other times!!
So, I think I finally have gotten rid of ALL the bad stuff...haleluhiah!!
I just wanted to post back the final results and how I arrived at them for future users who may find themselves in the same situation....although, I wouldn't wish this one on my worst enemy
Thanks to everyone...oh, and it looks like taxtorpedo's instructions have rid me of the Bizex.J worm as well Thank you!!!

15-05-2004, 22.17.41
Esatto č proprio cosė.
Ho trovato lo stess'articolo dopo aver fatto richiesta d'aiuto