Visualizza versione completa : (KB831937) Directx 9.x Patch Digital Video Decoder

17-02-2004, 18.45.35

Digital Video Decoder and Multiplexer Hotfix for DirectX 9.0, 9.0a, and 9.0b (KB831937) - Italiano

Changes made in DirectX 9.0 has the potential to affect two configurations:
1) Print to tape using a DVCPro device with a non-MS DV encoder may result in audio dropouts or complete loss of audio.
2) Decoding of a live or file-based DV stream with the PAL bit erroneously set in some frames may cause decoding to stutter or halt completely.
Modifications for these issues are as follows:
1) Alter DV Multiplexer to set SPEED field value in AAUX source pack to 1.0 when DV encoder does not set a valid value.
2) Change to buffer size checking in DV Decoder to accept non-standard assertion of the PAL bit.

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