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03-12-2003, 18.20.46
Ma soprattutto funziona davvero?


GameGain is a tool that optimizes your computer performance to make your games run faster. Based on the popular PCMedik software, GameGain differentiates itself by focusing entirely on gaming performance upgrades only. Playing computer games that run entirely too slow or show poor performance? GameGain attempts to solve such problems and at the same time increase computing performance.

GameGain boosts your computer gaming performance by modifying several system settings, so you can now use that old computer or new computer of yours as your primary gaming station. No installation or modification needs to be made to your hardware, GameGain does all the complicated settings for you instantly.

GameGain works on all 32 bit platforms of Windows. From Windows 95 up to the latest Windows XP you will enjoy the benefits that GameGain will bring. Simply choose your operating system, select the processor type you're using and then choose the speed setting you want and hit the 'GO' button and you will notice performance increases for gaming that your computer has never seen before. We wont promise that GameGain will do wonders and make your computer work at astronomical speeds, but you will notice your computer working much smoother and overall performance greatly improved.

Se volete provarlo, potete trovarlo
qui (http://www.pgware.com/downloads/gamegain.exe)

Mr. Verbatim
04-12-2003, 12.56.45
A me lascia un pò perplesso. Non viene affatto spiegato come vengono raggiunti gli incrementi di prestazioni.
Io non lo installo di certo.