Visualizza versione completa : Clone Cd sta per morire!!

28-07-2003, 15.13.31
Leggete qua (http://www.neowin.net/comments.php?category=software&id=12771)
:crying: :crying: :crying:

28-07-2003, 15.33.49
e noi faremo con Alcohol 120%... almeno finchè non gli fanno l'etilometro :D

28-07-2003, 15.37.00
:eek: :( :grrr: :crying: :anger: :wall:

28-07-2003, 18.27.19
Un vero peccato, vabbè... come ha gia detto pone Alcohol 120% è un ottimo sostituto, ha gia i profili per le varie protezioni ecc ecc...

Certo, fin che dura però...
Cmq ho l'ultima versione di CloneCD, e resterà sempre nel mio cuore! :D :D

28-07-2003, 21.34.02
Non è detto! Avete letto i post che seguono l'annuncio? Ve ne riporto uno:

"Source: http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7557

Edit2: We have asked the marketing department of Elaborate Bytes for an official statement. You can read it below:

The last statement was not an official statement from Elaborate Bytes! We never judge about the legality or illegality of other companies' products. Another thing: As far as we are informed, the highest punishement for companies who sell software to circumvent copyright protections is one year in jail. The punishement of three years is for the people who really crack the software, the movies etc. and then sell it.

Concerning CloneCD: We never said that there will be no update anymore. It's right that CloneDVD took a lot of time and ressources, but: We do not give up CloneCD! Let us breathe a little bit after the release of CloneDVD, let the new Copyright law come into force and then we'll see how to proceed.

All seems to be based on a miscommunication between de support department and the development office. Elby has outsourced its support for CloneCD to Element 5, one of the internets largest software seller."