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21-04-2003, 00.18.45
eXtended FDisk, or short XFDisk, is a free DOS FDISK replacement that offers more comfort and comes with a bootmanager that allows you to have more than one operating system installed on your hard disk. With XFDisk you can partition your hard disk or install and configure the bootmanager, which will be located in the first 17 sectors of your first hard disk. The bootmanager will not occupy an own partition, so you can fully use the four available primary partitions per hard disk. If you choose to have an extended partition with logical drives on your hard disk, XFDisk transparently manages the extended partition for you. So you don't need to worry about the size of the extended partition any more. Of course, XFDisk and the bootmanager support more than one hard disk and even booting from logical drives. But it must be said clearly that most operating systems that are commonly used on PCs require a primary partition on the first hard disk at least for their boot files. This is true for all versions of DOS and Windows 95/98/ME, but it is also true for Windows NT/2000. However, some operating systems like Linux or OS/2 can boot from virtually any hard disk, even though OS/2 may need its own bootmanager for installation.


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21-04-2003, 12.55.27
lo st๒ provando...c'้ questa opzione dell'install boot manager che mi attizza assai :D...
Ottima segnalazione, gervy (Y) ;)