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08-11-2002, 16.46.16

programmino caruccio... ke non si installa io lo trovo mooolto utile! :)

Yankee Clipper III permette di salvare fino a 200 testi, 20 immagini e 200 Url negli Appunti di Windows

Welcome to the Yankee Clipper III homepage.

Yankee Clipper IV is being written!!!


A super powerful Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings. Familiar "Outlook" interface. Freeware.

Major features:

Saves past 200 text and RTF, 20 BMP and Metafile, and 200 URL clipboard entries.
Has the ability to save and re-use "boilerplate" clippings. Simply right-click on the item and select "Send to boilerplate". Unlimited boilerplate collections can be created.
URL aware- links copied to clipboard can be instantly launched
Has a "Load and Shoot" function to paste text anywhere
Can float on top of other applications for fast pasting
No size limits for "clippings"
Prints any text clipboard entry, nicely word-wrapped
This is a simple program to understand and use
Has a global hotkey to make the application visible when hidden, and another to instantly show and select past "clippings" without showing the application.
Clippings can be dragged & dropped to/from YCIII.
Can strip unwanted "quote" characters ("<", "|") from "clippings".
Support for Internationalization. Install include Italian, French, and German are in the install. More to come ... Just rename Internation.ini.[Language] to International.ini (Looking for people to translate to other languages, please)
Supports ordering of boilerplate items
By popular request (They dragged me kicking and screaming...): the ability to "chirp" when a new clipping is detected. Just rename "clip.wav.Bak" to "clip.wav" or copy in the file of your choice and name it "clip.wav".
You can now instruct YCIII to ignore pictures (METAFILES) from problematic apps such as MS Excel which copies metafiles of nearly infinite width to the clipboard when you select an entire row. This metafile isn't of much use at a later time anyway.
Free- totally, no strings attached Free
Still to come:

Improved printing- of (Hopefully) any type of content. This is trickier than it seems. Right now the program can print any text item- nicely wordwrapped. We want to be able to print bitmaps, RTF, etc. Just give us some time.
More stuff you ask for. (Within reason. We like to keep the functionality of the program focused.)
This is FREE software- not free to try, not free to download, it's just plain free. (Well, not quite.)

Check out the screenshot
Enjoy ... You MUST email us if you have any problems or wish to make comments about the program.

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