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02-10-2002, 23.57.45
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Version: 1.6.3 (11th August 2002)
Operating Systems: Win 95/98/98SE/ME
Description: With more than 170 tweaks that will help you to improve your Windows 9x operating systems.

This program offers more than 170 Windows operating systems registry tweaks.
It will:

Enhance Windows 95/98/98SE/ME.
Boost overall performance, internet (cable and dial-up) connection.
Secure your OS
Tweaks and secure Internet Explorer
Minimum System Requirements

IBM PC or 100% compatible
Intel Pentium CPU or 100% compatible
2MB Hard disk space
Compatible graphic card that support at least 256 colors
Microsoft compatible mouse or pointing device
Microsoft compatible keyboard
Microsoft Windows 95/98/98SE/ME Operating System

Download WinHvance.zip
Save it somewhere into your hard disk (if you prefer to use it again in the future)
Unzip (using Zip program) WinHvance.zip
Double click on Setup.exe
Proceed with installation
After installation:

Run WinHvance.exe from where you installed the program.
Before you register, the program will be disabled, and you will not be able to use it.
You will need to register this program to enable the program.
However, this program is FREE of charge.
To upgrade from previous version:

Uninstall previous version
Restart Windows
Install new version
To register:

WinHvance 1.6.1 onwards will no longer require registration nor serial number.
What's New:

Please read the included Bugs and Fixes.txt


03-10-2002, 18.03.51

ma peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerchè sempre in inglese?????


03-10-2002, 18.22.11
....non avevo voja di tradurlo! :)

03-10-2002, 18.30.15
eh ti capisco...io non leggo nemmeno...