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11-07-2002, 19.16.18
questa l'ho segnalata i 01/07/02;)


Bucharest, Romania - June 27, 2002 - BitDefender Response Team today released a new FREE antivirus removal tool, against the new virus infecting the famous Kazaa network. The worm was previously named Backdoor.K0wbot.1.3.B because - besides using the popular file sharing KaZaA network to spread - it also includes an IRC remote control backdoor component.
"This backdoor is the second virus to successfully attack the popular network in less then two months" said Bogdan Dragu, Virus Researcher at BitDefender. "Following this trend, Peer-to-Peer file-swapping networks could soon become a paradise for any virus writer. Even more, starting with this version of a "classic" backdoor, we can talk about spying malware using largest web communities in order to spread in the wild" concluded Bogdan.

The virus makes about 150 copies of itself in the KaZaA shared folder, using the names of appealing software/media files:

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