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03-07-2002, 01.40.38
lo avevo chiesto qui un programma simile ora l'ho trovato e ve lo segnalo:



Jascģ Quick View Plusģ 7
View, copy, and print files from programs you donít have!

With support for over 200 different file formats, Quick View Plus lets you view all the files and email attachments you want, instantly -- graphics, documents, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, zip files, and more. Donít waste time converting files -- just view and move on!

Save money. Because Quick View Plus views files from programs you don't have, you can cut the cost of buying expensive software just for viewing and sharing files.
Save Time. Visually sort through your files with Quick View Plusís handy Explorer-like browser -- no need to launch separate applications!
Use as another line of defense. Use Quick View Plus with your email program as an effective shield against troublesome macro viruses.
View and print files in their original format. Quick View Plus maintains the formatting of your file complete with fonts, text formatting, graphs, and images.
Copy and paste content to another program. Copy and paste all or part of a file into another application to create a new document.
Create and extract zip files. Quick View Plusís Quick Compress feature eliminates the need for separate zipping programs.

ciaoooooooooo:D :D :D

se ne conoscete degli altri simili segnalateli, please