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OpenP2P Initial Overview
Description: Initial Overview of OpenP2P Mission

Project Goals:

To make ALL current & future P2P networks, IRC, NNTP, and various other web services accessible to Open Source (GPL) developers through the development of network libraries. OpenP2P will also create it's own anonymous and secure P2P protocol.

Design Goals:

OpenP2P network libraries will be complete sets of scalable and robust C++ and Java classes designed to enable Open Source (GPL) developers to access various p2p networks and web services with a minimal amount of coding.

Initial Supported Protocols, Networks, Web Services, & Algorithms:

OpenP2P Protocol (Secure & Anonymous)


MFTP (Multicast File Transfer Protocol) - used by eDonkey

FastTrack Protocol


URLBlaze Network Compatibilty


FileMirrors.com Web APIs

ShareURL Web APIs

Google Web APIs

Onion Network's WebRAID


TLS (Transport Layer Security)



IRC as Outlined by RFC 1459
DFSI (Distributed FileServer over IRC Protocol)

Direct Connect Protocol

OpenNapster Protocol

Gnutella Protocol 0.6+

WinMX Network Compatiblity

appleJuice Network Compatibility

Blubster Network Compatibility

SSL 3.0


MSN Messenger Instant Messaging Protocol

Oscar Protocol (used by AOL Instant Messenger)

Yahoo! Instant Messaging Protocol
ICQ Protocol

Yahoo! Instant Messaging Protocol

Jabber Protocol

The Email sending protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol -SMTP ) as Outlined by The Internet standard RFC 821.

Email retrieving protocol (Post office Protocol version 3 - POP3) as outlined by the request for comments RFC 1460, RFC 937, RFC 918, and RFC 1725, RFC 1939, and Internet Standard 53.

Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4 ( IMAP4) As Outlined by the standard Track RFC 1730.

Internet messages formats; Standard for the message format of the ARPA internet text message (RFC 822) and Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages (RFC 850 and RFC 1036 ).

NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) as described by RFC 977.

Message encoding protocol, MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), as described in RFC (1341, 1521, 1522, 2045, RFC 2045 (Format of Internet Message Bodies), RFC 2046 (Media Types), RFC 2047 (Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text), RFC 2048 and 2049. Domain Name Service, DNS (RFC 973, 1034 and RFC 1035).

Finger protocol.

Ping and TraceRoute and ICMP (RFC 792 and 1393.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP and (RFC 1945 and RFC 2068 ).

HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication - RFC 2617.

The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm - RFC 1321.

HMAC: Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication RFC 2104.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) RFC 959

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Sembrerebbe interessante...Staremo a vedere :)


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