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20-06-2002, 01.27.55
Chi usa questo programma forse sa che č alla vers. 1.50 beta4:


ma forse non sa che tale beta č stata tradotta in italiano:


Ciao a tutti.

20-06-2002, 03.00.16


20-06-2002, 16.13.36
Grazie...ma una faccina che sinfichi "grazie"?
Visto che sarebbe mooolto utile?

20-07-2002, 22.16.57
uscita la versione CDex 1.50 (beta 6)



Changes in Current Version:

Fixed the problem with the No button in the File Overwrite dialog
Added No To All button in the File Overwrite dialog
Due to error in the language file, only the standard ripping mode was displayed
Fixed problems with the MusePack external encoder
Replace illegal character in partial track option
Add also ID3 tag when ripping a partial track
Fixed local CDDB problem (entry was not saved) when Genre was set to Unknown
Fixed analog problems (crash when output directory does not exist, opening device when recording multiple times)
Use proper CDDB ID to store partial track ripping status instead of 00000000.txt file
Character replacement dialog box did not accept extended ASCI characters
CD Status (media loaded or not) was not properly detected when using Native NT Scsi library
Under certain conditions (e.g. virtual drives), not all host CD-ROM devices were recognized when using Native NT Scsi library
Added Dutch, Japanese, French and polish language file
Added option to read CDDB entries form local Winamp in_cdda.cdb file (Winamp 2.78 file format)
The track status info was not lined up correctly when trackoffset was set to non zero value
Avoid crash when using "Record from analog in" option when no Windows MP3 codec was installed
Upgraded Vorbis encoder libraries to version 1.0

21-07-2002, 01.38.13
accidenti mi sono accorto ora che era giŕ stato segnalato in HP :p

10-08-2002, 17.35.00
CDex v1.50 Beta 7

news tratta da qui (http://progs.windowsmax.nl/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1251)

Whats new :

CDex 1.50 beta 7 has been released, see download page for more details
Released CDex version 1.40, available in four languages: English, German and Italian & Spanish
A French version can be downloaded from http://www.darkcristal.com/
When CDex 1.50 becomes final, DarkCristal and Fred will create a full featured French version with additional
French help information.
The German version can also be download from Frank Stiller web site http://www.stillersite.de
A polish version of CDex is available from the following site:
Na stronach internetowych pod adresem: http://www.cdex-pol.prv.pl znajduje się polska wersja językowa tego programu

scaricabile da qui (http://umn.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/cdexos/cdex_150b7_enu.exe)

12-08-2002, 06.24.54
Per completare quanto detto dal bravo gervy ;) segnalo il sito che rappresenta, praticamente, l'unica risorsa per Cdex in italiano, peraltro con ottime guide d'uso (sempre in italiano).
Ecco l'indirizzo: http://digilander.libero.it/lzpsite/
Spero vi sia utile. (Y)