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10-01-2002, 19.52.02
E' uscita la nuova versione di Feurio 1.64:


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Feurio! CD-Manager:
Special routines for defective (copy-protected) Audio-CDs:
Unfortunately it seems to be becoming fashionable to put "defective" CDs (i.e. CDs which do not comply with standards) on the market which then do not work in CD-ROMs, some DVD-ROMs and some Auto-CD-Players.
As according to current legislation, copying audio CDs is expressly legal and the "authorized use" in particular is significantly limited by these "defective" CDs (e.g. you can not listen to them on your computer, can not copy them onto mp3-Players), we have now included some routines in Feurio! which can correct some defects.
In particular Feurio! now recognizes additional defective sessions and in this case, only reads the first (correct) session.
We have tested this with various "defective" CDs -> Reading/copying all of these CDs is possible without any problems with the current version of Feurio!
LIMITATION: It is possible that this is limited by the CD-ROM being used. Some CD-ROMs are so "confused" by these "defective" CDs that they either do not recognize that a CD has been inserted or refuse to read the CD.
If this is the case, then of course Feurio! is powerless to do anything - here we can only recommend that you try it with a different CD-ROM.

Feurio! Covereditor: Many enhancements:
The Feurio! Covereditor has been improved:
Tracklist Format can be changed:
The layout of the tracklist can now be changed. It is even possible to make tracklists with several columns (for CDs with several tracks). It is also possible to define separate attributes (character set, text size, text color) for the individual elements (number, title, artist, playing time) leaving more room for creative design.
There are also several formats for the track list (e.g. including multiple line entries: 1st line artist, 2nd line title).
Copy & Paste -> Cover for Double-CDs!
Copy & Paste has now also been implemented for individual frames -> This can be used for example to easily generate a cover for a double CD:
Simply open the Cover-Editor for both CDs (i.e. there are now two active sub-Windows with both CDs), select the frame with the tracklist in one of the two covers, press "Copy" move to the other cover, press "Insert" and then re-position the two tracklists -> Done!
Standard character set:
In response to numerous requests, we have now made it possible to define a standard character set which is to be used for all new covers.

CDDB-Submit: Method "HTTP" implemented:
Until now, CDDB-Submits have always been transmitted by "SMTP". In principle, SMTP is also the best method - unfortunately however there are an increasing number of Internet providers which do no allow "full" Internet access, i.e. no longer permit direct IP-connections (e.g. to the SMTP-Server of freedb), but only allow indirect connections via proxies.
Firewalls in company networks are sometimes also a problem which also sometimes block direct connections.
To solve this problem, the Submit method "HTTP" is now supported so that the data is transferred using a "normal" HTTP-Request - so that all submit problems caused by Firewalls or Internet providers with limited internet access should now be history.

Error corrections:
MP3 commentary tag:
In some cases the MP3 commentary tag was not taken over correctly -> Corrected
Nero-Images Nero-Version
Unfortunately Ahead has changed the format of the Nero-Image files again -> This version can now also read the images from the newest version of Nero.
Reading the last track on a CD-Extra CD:
When reading the last audio track on a CD-Extra CD (and thus also some of the copy-protected CDs) the last 2 seconds of the track were missing -> Corrected.
With certain hardware versions of this DVD-ROM there were problems reading it: At the start of a reading operation it always displays "Unknown error: Sense 5, ASC 64..".
Through special treatment of this drive it has been possible to get around this problem!

Feurio! CD-Writer:
Problems with Windows XP:
Unfortunately there is still a problem with Windows XP after all:
If the writing progress window has been minimized, the surface of Windows XP "freezes" until the write process has finished - i.e. although it continues writing, it is not possible to use the computer at all!
The cause of this appears to be an error in Windows XP:
As you know, Feurio! normally sets the priority class of the writing process to "Real-time" to thus also be able to ensure writing safely (without a Buffer-Underrun) with burners which are not "Burn-Proof".
Unfortunately Windows XP does not appear to be capable of minimizing the window of a process with "Real-time" priority - as demonstrated using just a small test program (20 lines), Windows XP "gets stuck" as soon as the window of a process with real-time priority is minimized.
For this reason we have initially set the default priorities for the CD-Writer to "Normal" (until Microsoft solves the problem in the shape of a service pack) and have installed a warning message if the priorities have been set manually.

Program mode "One Window" eliminated:
Until now it has been possible to switch the Feurio! CD-Writer between the modes "one window" and "several windows" which has in part led to misunderstandings. "Switching off" the main window while writing in favor of the writing progress window also did not always work correctly in Windows XP.
For this reason we have now abandoned the mode "one window", i.e. Feurio! now opens a new window for every writing process.

New CD burners
The following burners are now also supported:
NEC NR-7800B (incl. CD-Text)
NEC NR-7900A (incl. CD-Text)
Aopen CRW2440 (incl. CD-Text)
Aopen CRW2040 (incl. CD-Text)
Mitsumi CR-4809TE (incl. CD-Text)
TEAC CD-W524E (incl. CD-Text)
Lacie StudioDrive CDRW 16x8x40x Firewire (incl. CD-Text)

Error corrections:
HP Surestore 8100i:
Writing the Leadout was interrupted by an error message -> hopefully corrected (unfortunately HP has not made a test model available to us which means we can not check this)

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11-01-2002, 10.58.06

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