Visualizza versione completa : CDex 1.40 Beta 6 released !

18-07-2001, 01.46.22
What is CDex ?
CDex is a freeware application, which is able to extract audio tracks from a CD-ROM digitally, and save those files to disk as either regular WAV file or MP3 files.

-Improved track editing (accepts return to edit the next track, escape to finish)
-Added support for WinAmp input plugins
-Upgraded to CDDB proto level 5
-Fixes to CDPlayer.ini writing routines
-Added option to add/modify the genre fields
-Fixes problems when the RIFF-WAV optiotn is enabled
-Upgraded Lame encoder DLL ( version 3.90 alpha 2 )
-Upgraded Vorbis encoder DLL ( version 1.0 RC 1)
-Fixed bug reagarding the Peak level detection when the CD-Paranoia ripping method is selected
-The quality setting of the lame encoder was not always set properly.
-Added the "Yes to All" option in the file overwrite message box
-Added Very High Quality lame preset ( q=0 )
-Fixed problems with the partial track option
-Added aditional place holder for the external encoder ( see help file)
-Not always the proper amount of sectors were ripped when using the cdparanoia mode

-Genre CDDB field was not set to Unknown when data was retreived from the CDPlayer.ini file.
The full changelog can be found http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/download.html
Download latest CDex beta version http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/cdexos/cdex_140b6.exe

Per chi non lo conosce è un piccolo programma gratuito che estrae le tracce audio dai CD musicali (ovvero le canzoni, o parte di queste) e le salva sul disco, convertendole automaticamente in WAV oppure comprimendole in formato MP3. Non necessita di un compressore MP3 esterno e inoltre legge direttamente le tracce audio, senza passare per la scheda sonora, ottenendo una qualità maggiore.

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