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19-06-2009, 00.08.18
http://www.primitus.us/a43/images/a43small.gif (http://www.primitus.us/a43/images/a43pic.gif)

A43 2.52

A43 un file manager gratuito ma molto potente. Le caratteristiche principali:

Integrated text editor with unlimited size. Dynamic highlighting for the web
Integrated zip/unzip features. Simply drag-n-drop files or click a button. You can also turn your zip archives into self-extracting archives the same way
Integrated file search to quickly locate and jump to those lost files
Integrated quick launch area for fast access to the programs you use the most
Favorite buttons to quickly open those often used folders
Dual-pane view for those that demand speed in file management
Requires no installation, no data is written to the system registry. A43's configuration information is saved in a local .ini file
Keep it on your pen/jump drive and take it where ever you go

Leggi la news (http://news.wintricks.it/software/sistema-operativo/29478/a43-2.53/)

19-06-2009, 13.42.15
credevo che lo sviluppo fosse stato interrotto... beh, meglio cosi!
bellissimo il changelog relativo a questa versione 2.53 :D
sarebbe il caso di modificare ache i numeeri di versione presenti nella news

20-06-2009, 15.56.28
ci sono errori nella news...