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22-01-2009, 00.17.11

ContactKeeper 1.4.2

ContactKeeper č un semplice contact manager, che vi permetterā di memorizzare nomi, indirizzi, date importanti ecc; le caratteristiche principali sono:

Keep information about all your friends, family,... in one central database file
Create more than one database
Make a (back-up) copy of a database
The ability to store an unlimited number of phone numbers and e-mail addresses to one person, with each a description, for example: home, work, msn,...
Start the default e-mail program by double-clicking on an e-mail address
A note field to store extra information about a person, internet addresses are automatically shown as a hyperlink in this field
The print function generates an (x)html page with the information that you want and lets you save or print that (x)html page
An advanced search function
A birthday calender can be generated automatically based on the dates of birth of the persons in the database
ContactKeeper is available in multiple languages and you have the possibility to make a translation of your own if your language is not listed yet
Automatically check online if there is a newer version of ContactKeeper available
Pop-up a birthday reminder at windows start when a person has his birthday in the next day(s)
Choose to sort and display on "First name Last name" or "Last name First name" format
Choose to display the date of birth in the format "dd/mm/yyyy", "mm/dd/yyyy" or "yyyy/mm/dd"
Let the user select from wich persons he wants to export information
E-mail a copy of a ContactKeeper database
Choose color scheme for the calendar
In the birthday calendar, the choice to let the week begin on Sunday or on Monday

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