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22-09-2008, 10.13.21
Trend Micro was recently alerted to a possible malware detection triggered when visiting MySpace Web pages. According to reports, certain MySpace pages are being detected as Possible_HiFrm. Possible_HiFrm is a heuristic detection noted for being effective in detecting malicious iframes and redirects pointing to most of the old and some of the recent Web threats. Possible_Hifrm is Trend Micro’s aggressive pattern used to detect characteristics common to iframes pointing to malicious web sites...

Leggi: http://blog.trendmicro.com/myspace-pages-rigged-with-bad-script/

22-09-2008, 23.35.43
da cui traggo
"This JavaScript is programmed to secretly connect to a porn site (hence the detection name) which pops up unexpectedly while the user is browsing. Its code is obfuscated three times (whereas a single deobfuscation is already a telltale sign of malicious behavior this side of the industry), in an attempt to make analysis of the JavaScript harder for malware analysts."

che gran figli di....
Firefox + no script attivo spero sia già una sufficiente difesa.
grazie per l'informazione