28-08-2008, 00.20.58
A dear greeting to all.....
Here is the translation of the XNAME procedure !
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Before closing the old PC verify the presence in the system32 \ driver of the following files atapi.sys intelide.sys pciide.sys pciidex.sys
If there are ,you can proceed with the procedure, otherwise download the missing files in the system32 \ drivers.
Now import in the registry the file .reg contained in the folder (REINSTAL.reg)
Switch off the PC and insert the old hard disk in the new PC. The Pc restart and ask, once in desktop ,the new driver.
Insert the new driver and verify possible conflicts. If there are conflicts on the ide controller install the new ones driver.
Up to this point, the procedure is quite note.
Now comes the beautiful....
If the substitution is from an old motherboard to a last one of new generation, xp will have probably a HAL with old configuration.
If we reboot… often can happen that the PC crashes with black screen.
This is ... this is a symptom that Hal is not suitable to the machine.
Now after many tests I found that the better hal for machine of new generation is version HALACPI of 79 kbyte.
So if the PC is not restarted...... use program as ERD commander to enter on the disc.
Capture from the Halacpi folder hal.dll and insert it overwriting in windows \ system32.
It should go all ok...... If it did not go.... You can try with the same way the others Hal.dll.
Attention ! every Hal is relative to a particular machine.
" PC standard" , HAL PIC not ACPI (Hal.dll)
" Uniprocessor PC MPS" , HAL UP APIC not ACPI (Halapic.dll)
" Multiprocessor PC MPS" , HAL MP APIC not ACPI (Halmps.dll)
" PC to interface of feeding and advanced configuration (ACPI) " , HAL PIC ACPI (Halacpi.dll)
" Uniprocessor PC ACPI" , HAL UP APIC ACPI (Halaacpi.dll)
" Multiprocessor PC ACPI" , HAL MP APIC ACPI (Halmacpi.dll).
But I repeat, the HAL more suited to the latest machines is the halacpi.dll ,which ,of course, if found outside this utility ,
will be renamed in hal.dll .
I hope that this procedure ,fruit of summary between the two procedures notes, the American and Italian procedure, is useful
to the many who obviously can not afford to reinstall dozens of programs and lose most of the work of years

Regards XNAME