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21-05-2008, 17.57.45
Salve, ho un lettore mp3 con le seguenti caratteristiche
S1 Mp3 Player
Wilson Co. Ltd.
Versione: 9.1.52

Dopo aver effettuato upgrade del firmware(Per sbaglio ho caricato versione precedente) non funziona pių, lo schermo č tutto bianco e resta sempre acceso. Come posso recuperarlo? Il PC non lo trova. Quindi con il programma "MP3 Player Upgrade Tool" non posso caricare pių il firmware.Come posso fare per fargli riconoscere il lettore al PC(adesso ho trovato la versione giusta 9.1.52)??????????????????????????

21-05-2008, 17.59.18
Mi sa che devi portarlo al centro di assistenza.

Benvenuto :)

03-05-2009, 00.15.48
MP3 XINTAI Firmware. Please pass it to the other repliers at the forum, or anyone who needs it.

Hi pals.

At last!, I've backed-up the firmware for Xintai MP3 Player from Wilson Co. Ltd., and put it here:


Don't worry cause one of the files (at UI30.RES) has an incorrect checksum. It's due to prior edit on ASCII labels.

I couldn't say it is really the firmware you want, so you must check and verify thoroughly before proceed.

Please note:
1.- Do not update or reload firmware if your player is working fine (more or less).
2.- If this firmware is not EXACTLY the same version, for the same chipset, there's no guarantee. The player could not work or, even worst, could suffer defintive damage.
3.- It's highly recommendable you BACKUP the existent firmware, despite damage suspects.
4.- To backup and/or restore firmware for this player, you can use "S1res" Ver 4.1, downloadable at:


For restoring firmware, you can also use the "Player Upgrade Tool" Ver 4.18 or superior (part of "MP3 Player Utilities"), downloadable at:


Enjoy your music.


You can see a photo at http://www.paginasprodigy.com.mx/darkwing/XintaiMP3.jpg

Wilson Co. Ltd.
Bootflash type: F285
brom version: 3.0.80
Firmware version: 9.1.52
Date: 9-01-05

VID: 10D6
PID: 1101

giveio ver: 3.0
Flash chip: A514D3AD "HYNIX/SAMSUNG 1024 (LBF)

MTP Manufacturer: Auctions Semiconductor Co.
MTP Version: V1.00.3333
MTP PID: 2200