Visualizza versione completa : E-mule v0.49a

12-05-2008, 12.09.18
Changelog 0.48a to 0.49a


Updated CxImage lib to the latest version (6.0), fixes some image processing vulnability (low risk for eMule) [reported: Steve Manzuik/Juniper Networks]
Fixed Unicode issue in stored and loading searches
Control chars are now filtered out of ed2k-links / received filenames [eklmn]
Fixed a small bug with handling removed category directories on startup [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
Fixed a smaller issue with finding and connecting to a buddy
Fixed some rare bug which could cause rerequesting already transferred (buffered) data [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
Fixed two minor display bugs realted to the waiting queue and the requests statistics for files [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
Kad (tcp)firewalltest and buddy tcp connection now properly support protocol obfuscation too, on require obfuscation setting those connections (and therefore its functionality) didn't worked before
Fixed a bug with the "Open Directory" menuitem in the shared files window [Stulle]
Fixed: File tooltips used wrong font sizes when using customized Windows metrics.
Fixed: Shared directory treeview control lost icons after Windows System settings were changed.
Fixed: Wrong font mapping for some GUI elements in non-Western locales.
Fixed: Shared Files list did not show focus rectangle for listview items.
Fixed: "Search related Files" context menu entry in search results pane was not properly enabled/disabled [Tuxman]
Fixed: Memory corruption for column properties in WebServer [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
Fixed: Normalized search labels in WebServer [ducho]
Fixed: Some search results where still shown after invoking 'Close All Search Results' [bengarchy]
Fixed: Enabling/Disabling the "Queued Clients" and "Known Clients" lists did not always fill/clear the list views [Xman]
Fixed: Toolbars in Transfere window were not showing tooltips after enabling/disabling "Queued Clients" and/or "Known Clients".
Fixed some GDI resouce leaks. [Rapid_Mule]
Fixed a bug in finding the senders of corrupt data which may lead to false positives [DavidXanatos]
Fixed a problem with injection of DNS servers into the routing tables which were able to stay because of a porotcol mixup between kad and dns. Old sources with port 53 as kad port are ignored, new clients (0.49a+) can use port 53 as kad port again but it is not recommended [found by netfinity]
Fixed a bug in kad2 with publishing >4GB files [netfinity]
The new firewall test also fixes a bug / design flaw which caused eMule to always use the use the clients source UDP port, instead testing if the internal set UDP port might be the propper choice instead. This was especially a problem on Restricted Cone Routers with PAT (Port Address Translation)
Fixed bug with possible wrong local IP address in case the "BindAddr" option is used.
Fixed bug with missing update of details of a selected friend in friends list.
Fixed bug in tooltips which were showing certain list items partially in bold.
Added missing Unicode support for 'Static Servers' feature.
Fixed several of our listcontrols to show Windows' context menu of scrollbars
Fixed bug in IRC window with channel windows opening in reverse order.
Fixed bug with dead servers occasionally not deleted from GUI [fox88].
Fixed bug with disabled E-Mail notifications on particular Windows systems [Lewpy]
Fixed bug with extra large icons in file tooltips.
Fixed bug with HTTP downloads which could create a crash in case the HD is full.
Fixed a bug which let Kad try to load its preferences from the old config directory location


If extended controls are enabled (and if available) Kad search results show the amount of known unique publishers for a file in parentheses in the availability column (this isn't equal to sources, but it is a bit more trustworthy indicator how common a file is).
Made sure to always use the intern UDP port if both (intern and extern) ports succeed in the firewall test
Changed installer to set the currently used shared usage setting as default if available
Buddy search interval has been reduced, to increase the chance to find a buddy without waiting too long
Changed the Crypt functions a bit for faster processing [netfinity]
Tweaked UPnP a bit to support some more routers [leuk_he]
Updated libpng to the most current version 1.2.27
Changed the kad tcp firewalltest protocol to make it possible to archive the tcp open state if the UDP port is firewalled
Loading stored kad keywords and sources has been moved into a seperate thread to avoid interface lockups, while the data is loading
Ctrl+W now closes the active searchtab in the search dialog
Added the obfuscation setting to the First Time wizard and removed the full chunk upload setting instead
Disabled peercache downloads by default (deprecated)
Added: Support for using Windows default fonts for listview and treeview controls in eMule's main windows. This way one can specify larger fonts for almost all eMule lists via the Windows System Metrics. Specify "UseSystemFontForMainControls=1" in "preferences.ini" to enable.
When deleting more than 50 files the first 50 names are shown in the confirmation dialog [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
Kad will now enforce certain limits when adding new contacts to the routing table: No more than 1 KadNode per IP, 2 similar KadNodes (same bin) from a /24 network and max 10 different KadNodes from a /24 network are allowed. This is supposed to make routing attacks against kad more difficult / resource-intensive
Clients which sent comments which get filtered by the comment spam filter are now treated like message spammers (banned)
The ed2k: in ed2k-links is no longer case sensitive
When connecting to Ed2K eMule starts with a random server instead using first on in the server.met. Any sorting, priority, etc. is not affected by this
Kad now keeps track which filenames were published by different sources for the same file and uses the most common name (instead the last published one) when responding search requests
Same hashs (files) which have different filesizes are now properly stored seperatly instead overwriting eachother
Kad calculates a rating based on how many different sources publish a file and how many files publishes a source. When responding to a search request, files with a rating below a set limit will be sent last in order to avoid that spammed files push out valid ones.
If you select a non-default incoming directory which already contains files, eMule notices you that those files are automatically shared by eMule
Rearranged the symbols in the shared files directory tree a bit
The onlinehelp for the options dialog is now topic sensitive for all languages instead only for english (well actually it is not, but this is serverside work which will be done step by step till the release). More areas to get topic sensitive to come in the future
The new UDP state is shown in the MyInfo field in the Server Tab. As long as the UDP firewalltest is unfinished "(unverified)" is appended
Added showing of IRC-warning and error messages to the active channel window.
Added auto-activating of private IRC channel windows when self-initiating the conversation.
When messaging a friend, eMule now makes sure that the userhash still matches after connecting and SecureIdent (if enabled) is passed in order to ensure that its really your friend.
Added Uyghur translation [translated by Abduqadir]

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