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19-04-2008, 00.00.37
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muCommander 0.8.2

muCommander č un file manager multipiattaforma, scritto in Java (JRE richiesta) e con un interfaccia in stile Norton Commander. Ecco alcune delle sue funzionalitą:

check Virtual filesystem with local volumes, FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP and Bonjour support
Quickly copy, move, rename files, create directories, email files...
Browse, create and uncompress ZIP, TAR, GZip, BZip2, ISO/NRG, AR/Deb and LST archives
ZIP files can be modified on-the-fly, without having to recompress the whole archive
Universal bookmarks and credentials manager
Multiple windows support
Full keyboard access
Highly configurable
Disponibile lo storico (http://mu-j.com/mucommander/changes.php) di muCommander.

Leggi la news (http://news.wintricks.it/software/sistema-operativo/25200/mucommander-0.8.2/)