Visualizza versione completa : [LINUX]XP sharing the same directory and data files?

25-01-2008, 09.43.17
I have 2 computers. One, a 2.4 Ghz celeron, has XP and (soon to have) Linux. The other, a dual P2, has 98SE and (soon to have) Linux. Each OS is on a separate 9 GB hard drive. In addition to these I have a 120 mb 5400 rpm hard drive, an 80 GB 7200 rpm hard drive and a 200 GB 7200 rpm hard drive. I would like to use the three larger disks as data storage for both XP and Linux. I have heard that Linux can read XP directories and both read and write data to XP formatted disks. Is this true? How stable is this? My reason for asking this question - I do a lot of multimedia work that requires huge files, sometimes multiple projects at one time, and it would be really helpful if I can just format the 3 data drives in XP and use them as I like. Most of my software now is in XP but as I learn more about Linux I want t change my applications to the penguin. I HATE WINDOWS I must admit...i am still a DOS lover. I oftent think if DOS had continued to be developed in a SANE and RATIONAL way the world would be a much better place today.

25-01-2008, 09.57.09
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