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28-10-2007, 18.27.17
Ultra-Pad un editor testi che permette di salvare anche in Doc.
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Ultra-Pad v2.1.3 - - Features Add October 8th, 2007.

Ultra-Pad! - Is A Cool Freeware Advanced Skinnable Word Processor Application For Windows 95 and later...
It Features some of the most advanced Features you would ever Want in a Word Processor, Some of the features you won't even find in Microsoft Word...
Ultra-Pad Contains Many Advanced Features and almost all of the features that can be found using MS Word...
Features include: Text highlighting, tables, line spacing, auto-detect Internet URL hyperlink, superscript, subscript, symbols, headers, footers, word count, spell check, and several more. Includes features not commonly found in editors created in Visual Basic. This includes an active Ruler toolbar (inches or centimeters) where you can set indent margins, set tabs by clicking on the ruler and move tabs by dragging tab marks on the ruler bar. Also, print formatting with Page Setup, Print
Preview and other options, Line Spacing, Change Case (5 options), References (thesaurus, dictionary, etc.), Option to load or save in Microsoft Word document (.doc) format (Requires a Version of MS Word), Interface Skinning, Cool GUI and even more features to explore... -


Creative-Paint! 3.13
Creative Paint is 100% Free and is released under the terms of the EULA License Agreement as well as Some Portions under the GNU (General Public License)...

Creative Paint is a Free Image and Photograph Editing Software For Windows Xp Sp2 and higher...
Creative Paint is a 100% Free Image Editing and Photo Manipulation Software designed to be used on computers that run Windows Xp sp2 or Higher. It Supports Layers, Unlimited Undo, Special Effects, Several Image Formats (FileTypes), Plugin Support System and a wide variety of Useful and Powerful Tools!