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10-07-2007, 15.51.03
Simpatico programmino freeware per chi desidera personalizzare in modo completo il proprio sistema operativo soprattutto le icone, ha anche una serie di plug-ins/themes che trovate alle pagine corrispondenti:

Give your desktop a personal look by changing the default Windows icons. You can also modify individual icons of drives and folders to be able to recognize their contents easily.

Using the available themes you can apply set of icons at once. Designers can create themes to share their icons with other people. Many themes with beautiful icons are already included and ready to use.

Customize Icons & Cursors
You can customize all icons on your desktop, folder icons, drive icons, network icons, file icons and cursors.

The theme system allows you to apply a set of icons at once.

Theme Archives
You can use the Theme Archive Builder to create a compressed file that contains themes with all the linked icons. These archives can be distributed to other computers.

Icons for Individual Folders & Drives
Easily remeber the content of a folder or drive by using custom icons.

Icon System Settings
Customize the way Windows loads and displays icons.



CompatibilitÓ con tutti i sistemi Windows meno Windows Vista.



10-07-2007, 17.49.19
Scaricato ora :) ottimo , grazie ;)