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06-07-2007, 03.01.15
Questo download è un preconfigurato VHD e ci consente una valutazione di Windows Vista per un periodo di tempo stabilito.

For organizations with complex desktop infrastructures, whether large or small, Windows Vista Enterprise is the operating system designed specifically to help realize a better return on IT investments. In this VHD, you'll have the opportunity to road-test new and improved features including management (e.g. MUI, BDD, etc…) usability (e.g. Search, Navigation, etc…) and security (UAC, Windows Defender, etc…), enhancements to the Windows Vista platform.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP
A virtualization product that supports the VHD format is required to use this virtual machine. Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Virtual Server are provided for free and can be used with these VHD based virtual machines. Please refer to the Virtual Server 2005 R2 System requirements page here.

In addition to the System Requirements for the virtualization product, you will need additional disk and memory resources for running the virtual machine. This VHD is pre-configured to use approximately 10GB of hard disk space and approximately 1024MB of memory.

3.9 MB - 1632.2 MB*

2 Luglio 2007



07-07-2007, 08.37.33
Manco a gratisse...:o

07-07-2007, 09.49.39
Manco a gratisse...:o

ed è anche giusto così..sennò ci voleva un attimo ad avere una versione illegale :x: