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27-05-2007, 17.29.50
Per tenere sotto controllo la temperatura dei propri hard disk, richiede una registrazione gratis online, in italiano.

HDD Thermometer 1.3


HDD Thermometer is a hard disk temperature monitoring tool. It has all the features needed to prevent overheating and possible data loss.

Main Features:

* Monitors hard disks temperature changes;
* Ability to perform any of following actions when exceed Warning or Critical temperature:
o Show Notification
o Play Sound
o Execute Application
o Shutdown / Hibernate
* Show hard disks temperature indicators in the System Tray;
* Log temperature changes;
* Ability to set individual settings for each hard disk;
* Multi-language user interface. (Currently available 27 languages).

Freeware Registration

HDD Thermometer is provided as freeware, but nevertheless it requires registration. In any case, you don't have to pay any fee! To register program go to our Online form.