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17-02-2007, 19.35.52
E' uno scanner per processi-servizi-driver, il log e la scansione sono abbastanza lunghi se selezionate tutte le voci, perņ si vedono tante cose nascoste normalmente.

WinPFind 1.4.1



Author: OldTimer
License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows

File Description:

Pfind is a program that scans common locations on your hard drive for files that match certain patterns known to be used by malware. It will also provide exports of certain registry keys that are used by various malware.

Usage Instructions: Download WinPFind.zip and extract it to your C:\ folder. This will create a folder called WinPFind in the C:\ folder. Inside c:\WinPFind is a file called WinPFind.exe. Double-click on this file to launch the program. Once it is launched, click on the Start Scan button and wait for it to finish. This program will scan large amounts of files on your computer for known patterns so please be patient while it works as it can take a while, upwards to 30 minutes or more.

When it is done, it will show the results of the scan. Click on the Copy to Clipboard button and then paste the contents of the log in your clipboard as a reply to where you are receiving help.

Note: It is important to note that not all files found with this program are necessarily bad. Please use extreme caution when deleting these files as it may cause problems with applications running on your machine. As always if you unsure, ask for help in the Forums.

Note 2: As of now please do not distribute this file as there are numerous changes that will be slated for future releases.