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20-12-2006, 16.23.51
Molto particolare. Permette di vedere le immagini di una cartella o di un hard disk scorrere orizzontalmente lungo i lati del desktop.
Cliccando su una miniatura, fa vedere l'immagine a piena dimensione.

Roxio MediaTicker 2.0


Type: Photo, RSS Reader

A fun, scrolling ticker that delivers your local digital photos and remote RSS feeds directly onto your desktop.

* NEW! Add to your ticker the latest news, sports, headlines, cartoons, photos and more from sites like Flickr, Yahoo and MSNBC using RSS.
* NEW! Click on RSS news items in your ticker to jump right to the full article on the web.
* NEW! Delete an image on your hard disk permanently by pressing the "delete" button in the full-size photo display. Great for cleaning up those thumb-over-the-flash shots you copied from your camera.
* NEW! Jump directly to the folder on your hard disk or to the web page for any image by clicking the "target" button in the full-size photo display.
* NEW! Save images from RSS feeds to your hard drive by pressing the "Save" button in the full-size photo display.
* Watch photo memories fade in and out or subtly scroll across the screen.
* Click any thumbnail image to zoom in to the full-size picture or website.
* Send photos via email, set them as your desktop background, print in multiple sizes.
* The unique docking "sidebar mode" keeps the photos on your desktop without interfering with other application windows.

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