Visualizza versione completa : AVS DVD Player 2.2.7

18-11-2006, 08.13.24
<div align="center"><img src="/wtstaff/loghi/AVS%20DVD%20Player.png" /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><b><font size="4" color="#527bb5">AVS DVD Player </font></b></div><br /><br /><div align="justify"><font size="2"><b>AVS DVD Player</b> un player DVD con una interfaccia molto semplice e user-friendly, ma dalle caratteristiche molto interessanti:<ul><li><b>UNIVERSAL DVD AND VIDEO PLAYER:</b> Support for a very wide variety of video formats: apart from regular DVD (PAL, NTSC, VCD, SVCD) formats, also supported are: the entire range of MPEG4 (including DivX, XviD, etc.), MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, Real Media video, Quick Time files, WMV files (including WMV-HD), H.263, H.264, mobile video formats (3GP, 3GP2, MP4). This strong compatibility makes AVS DVD Player a universal player; </li><li><b>STEREO TO SURROUND TRANSFORMATION:</b> With the inbuilt Surround Effect, a unique development of our software engineers, regular stereo movies can be watched with enhanced audio quality and imitated Multichannel surround sound (3.1, 5.1, 7.1 speaker configurations are supported);</li><li><b>EASY NAVIGATION BETWEEN SCENES:</b> Easy and fast navigation, using sets of bookmarks, interactive chapter interface, ability to manage bookmarks and adjust access settings;</li><li><b>COMPLETE SET OF ESSENTIAL FEATURES:</b> Traditionally available set for comfortable viewing - selection of the view angle (if available on a particular DVD), support for various video sources (HDD, portable media, LAN), automatically adjusted Aspect Ratio, one-click switch to full-screen mode, menu options available at a single mouse click, etc;</li><li><b>MULTILINGUAL SUPPORT:</b> Ability to select between several audio tracks and subtitle files, support for multiple languages;</li></ul></font></div><br /><br /><br /><br /><table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0"><tbody><tr><td><img width="20" height="20" src="/image/icons/homeicon.gif" /></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5" align="left"><font size="1" color="#ffffff"><b>Home Page</b></font></td><td><font size="2"><a target="_blank" href="/framer.php?url=http://www.avsmedia.com/">AVSmedia</a></font></td></tr><tr><td><img width="20" height="20" src="/image/icons/winflag.gif" /></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5" align="left"><font size="1" color="#ffffff"><b>Sistema Operativo</b></font></td><td><font size="2">2000/XP/2003</font></td></tr><tr><td><img width="20" height="20" src="/image/icons/progfolder.gif" /></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5" align="left"><font size="1" color="#ffffff"><b>Licenza:</b></font></td><td><font size="2">Freeware</font></td></tr><tr><td><img width="20" height="20" src="/image/icons/filesize.gif" /></td><td bgcolor="#527bb5" align="left"><font size="1" color="#ffffff"><b>Download</b></font></td><td><font size="2"><a href="http://www.avsmedia.com/DVDPlayer/download/AVSDVDPlayer.exe">AVS DVD Player</a> [ 14.9 MB ] <font size="1" color="#ff6600">Installer</font></font></td></tr></tbody></table><br /><br />

20-11-2006, 10.12.19
Qualcuno l'ha provato per leggere i DVD?? Gestisce bene i menu??