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02-07-2006, 22.44.27
<div align="center"><img src="http://www.wintricks.it/wtstaff/loghi/ReNamer.jpg"><br><br><br><br><b><font size="4" color="#527bb5" face="Verdana">ReNamer 4.00 Final</font></b></div>
<div align="justify"><b>ReNamer</b> Ŕ un programma per rinominare, anche in massa, file e cartelle. Tra le interessanti funzioni, la possibilitÓ di scrivere delle regole di rinominazione da riutilizzare in futuro.</div>
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22-07-2006, 17.31.08
ReNamer 4.10 (http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~den4b/)
Released on 22 July 2006
Download it here (http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~den4b/projects.php)
This release contains many fixes and improvements, mainly for PascalScript rule and the Unicode support.
What's New:
* Added checkboxes for rules, to enable/disable rules without deleting them;
* Files that are not marked will not be validated, previewed or renamed;
* Fixed not synchronized states for files table and files objects on rename;
* Fixed incorrect validation when absolute paths are used in new names;
* Fixed incorrect capitalization of letters infront apostrophe in the words;
* Fixed waiting cursor and memory leak on exception in the preview process;
* Added skip extension and case sensitive options to Replace and Remove rules;
* Added mark by mask option to the context menu of the files table;
* Added WideGetChar function, workaround for a bug in the PascalScript which
doesn't let access characters of a WideString by their index, e.g. WideString[I];
* Added WideLength, WideSetLength, WideCopy, WideDelete, WideInsert,
WidePos and WidePosEx functions to correctly treat WideStrings;
* Added WideSplitString function to split string into an array of strings;
* Added WideScanDir function to scan directory for files
* Updated many other PascalScript Unicode functions;
* Updated help file for the Regular Expressions rule;