Visualizza versione completa : Nyxem Worm Marks Files for Deletion

24-01-2006, 11.44.24
Instead of delivering the adult material promised by its subject line, a new mass-mailing worm is preparing to delete files on infected Windows machines and shares on a certain date. The cleverly named Nyxem worm lies in wait until the date reaches the 3rd of any given month (ex: February 3, March 3, and so forth). When the system clock reaches that day, the worm erases several filetypes on all available drives including .zip, .doc, .xls, .psd and others...

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24-01-2006, 11.57.58
...The worm, dubbed W32/Nyxem-E by F-Secure, arrives attached to an email message. It uses a variety of subject lines, including "School girl fantasies gone bad". The body text also varies but it can include references to the Kama Sutra, the ancient Sanskrit book with pictures and explanations about different sexual positions...

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