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DB Update Windows 95

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Aggiornamenti Windows 95 A/OSR1/SP1 & B/C/OSR2.x
Sezione Windows 95/98/NT/2000 sul Forum
Windows Update - Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2
Security bulletin - Windows 95 SP1 (Window 95/A 4.00.950)
Security bulletin - OLE 32 Update (Windows 95/95A/OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Windows Library Update
Security bulletin - Windows 95 Year 2000 Update
Security bulletin - Q132807 - Enhanced Encryption for Windows 95 Password Cache (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q134363 - Windows 95 Support Assistant Available (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q135315 - CD-ROM Extras for Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade (Windows 95 distribuito su Floppy)
Security bulletin - Q137589 - Cover Pages May Be Unavailable in Microsoft Fax (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q139383 - Unimodem V Adds Additional Support for Data/Fax/Voice Modems (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q140479 - Updated Sage.dll File Corrects Floating-Point Math Errors (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q148821 - Possible Data Loss with LBA and INT13 Extensions (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q149563 - Fatal Exception 0E in Ios.vxd with SCSI Printer (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q157924 - Err Msg: "IOS Failed to Initialize" on Boot
Security bulletin - Q159873 - Msg: "SPOOL32 caused a stack fault in module SPOOLSS.DLL" (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Q162500 - Invalid Page Fault Opening File in Microsoft Paint
Security bulletin - Q165402 - Windows 95 Update to Encrypt Passwords in Memory
Security bulletin - Q168115 - Malicious User with Physical Access to a Computer Can Acquire Cached Domain Password
Security bulletin - Q168909 - Query/Remove Support for CardBus Cards Hangs Computer (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q170456 - Less Conventional Memory Available in European OSR2 (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q170736 - Windows 95 MSDLC32 Does Not Receive Multicast Packets
Security bulletin - Q171353 - Computer with Ultra DMA IDE Controller May Hang (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q172652 - Computer with USB Devices Hangs (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q173677 - Audio Problems with Cirrus Logic PD6832 CardBus Controller (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q174095 - IGMP Query Times Out in Windows 95 with Winsock2 Update
Security bulletin - Q181499 - USB Over Current Condition Causes Windows 95 Hang (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q181661 - Files Included with the USB Supplement in OSR2.1 and OSR2.5 (WiAndows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q188803 - Err Msg: MSGSRV32.EXE Caused a General Protection Fault (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q192067 - PC Card in Dock Not Enumerated When Hot Docking (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q192841 - Difficulties Using AMD K6-2 or Athlon Central Processing Unit (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q214522 - Fatal Exception in IOS.VXD When Formatting a Disk (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q216641 - Computer Hangs After 49.7 Days
Security bulletin - Q238329 - Patch Available for "Fragmented IGMP Packet" Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Q238453 - Patch Available for "Spoofed Route Pointer" Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Q240163 - Buffer Overrun in Telnet Poses a Security Risk
Security bulletin - Q242941 - Plug and Play Serial Devices Removed Temporarily During Printer Installation
Security bulletin - Q245729 - Patch Available for "File Access URL" Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Q249863 - SGC Connections May Fail from Domestic Clients
Security bulletin - Q249973 - Patch Available for "Malformed RTF Control Word" Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Q252215 - SMART Capability Available for Released Version of Windows 95 (Windows 95 OSR1)
Security bulletin - Q253756 - Availability of Universal Serial Bus Support in Windows 95 (Windows 95 OSR2.x)
Security bulletin - Q256015 - Fatal Exception 0E with Multiple MS-DOS Device Names Ain Path
Security bulletin - Q259728 - Patch Available for "IP Fragment Reassembly" Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Q273727 - Patch Available for 'Malformed IPX NMPI Packet' Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Q273991 - Patch Available for 'Share Level Password' Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Q293818 - Erroneous VeriSign-Issued Digital Certificates Pose Spoofing Hazard
Security bulletin - Q296441 - WebDAV Service Provider Can Allow Scripts to Levy Requests as User
Security bulletin - Q314147 - Unchecked Buffer in SNMP Service Could Enable Arbitrary Code to be Run
Security bulletin - 2 to 4 Digit Date Conversion Tool
Security bulletin - Euro Currency Support for Windows 95
Security bulletin - Exchange Update for Windows 95
Security bulletin - Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade
Security bulletin - Infrared Transfer Version 1.0
Security bulletin - Internet Mail Service for Windows 95 Release/Update
Security bulletin - Internet Print Services
Security bulletin - IrDA 2.0 Infrared Driver (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1) A
Security bulletin - Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
Security bulletin - MDAC 2.6 Service Pack 2
Security bulletin - Patch Available for "Malformed Telnet Argument" Vulnerability
Security bulletin - Platform SDK Redistributable: DCOM95 Redistributables
Security bulletin - Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components
Security bulletin - Windows 95 Backup Update (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - Windows 95 Corporate Year 2000 Companion Update
Security bulletin - Windows 95 Fax Update
Security bulletin - Windows 95 font smoother
Security bulletin - Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 95
Security bulletin - Windows Sockets 2.0 for Windows 95
Security bulletin - Windows Socket Update - Kernel 32 (Windows 95 OSR1/SP1)
Security bulletin - XML Parser 3.0 Service Pack 4
Download bulletin - Windows Media Player 6.4 for Win95
Download bulletin - Windows Media 7/8/9 Codec Package
Security bulletin - Q272386 - Disable Windows Media Player Upgrade Prompt
Security bulletin - Q320920 - Windows Media Player Rollup Available
Download bulletin - Platform SDK Redistributable: DirectX Media 6
Download bulletin - NetMeeting 3.01 SP3
Download bulletin - Batch Setup 2.0
Download bulletin - MS-DOS EnvirAonmental Tool
Download bulletin - Network Monitor Agent
Download bulletin - Password List Editor
Download bulletin - Remote Registry Service
Download bulletin - Script and Slip Support for Dial-up Networking Tool
Download bulletin - Service Pack 1 Deployment Support Assistant
Download bulletin - SNMP Agent
Download bulletin - Windows 95 Client Update
Download bulletin - Windows 95 INF Installer
Download bulletin - Windows 95 Kernel Toys Set
Download bulletin - Windows 95 Power Toys Set
Download bulletin - Remote Desktop Connection Software
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Sezione Windows 95/98/NT/2000 sul Forum
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